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  1. Congratulations! Thanks for stepping up to take this job on!
  2. I tried to recruit Mrs Nook but she isn’t into fishing or camping unfortunately. I hope this is a successful event and the ladies show up.
  3. I enjoyed part 1! Looking forward to part 2!
  4. Josh, my heart goes out to you and your friends and family. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Well said, MO. I was just telling my wife about him and while I didn’t know him either, I like to think he was having fun out fishing for Carp until the end. A retired school teacher in his profile confirms he led a useful life helping kids learn. See you on the other side when I get there, Frank.
  6. Sage advice, thanks! The spot I fished I was lucky to get out! I’ll break out my smaller rods/reels☺️
  7. Nice fish, MO! I swear it’s been 7 or 8 outings without a carp now. I must not be holding my mouth right as my grandma always said 🤣
  8. Had 3 kernels of pineapple maize on one hair rig and an orange tutti fruiti Tiger nut with pink pop op tutti fruiti maize.
  9. Went to the mouth of a creek and the Meramec River for five hours, blanked. Put a gallon of boiled seed mixture soaked in RH chili hemp oil and spimbed a quart or two of fresh boiled maize, wasn’t lazy on the baiting campaign. Had a few taps on the oatmeal-creamed corn-pineapple method, but alas no fish to show for again😩
  10. Dave Bayne Nanook Missouri
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