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  1. Is there anyone living in North Dakota that fishes for carp? How about Smallmouth Buffalo?
  2. You can use two rods on most bodies of water in North Dakota, but check lake regulations as some have special rules. You can catch-and-release carp back into the body of water from where you caught them according to the email I received from the main office. However, the regulations state that if the carp is harvested, it cannot be released. According to the email I got back, the rule is aimed at bow anglers because they were shooting carp with arrows and then releasing them back into the water to die. However, you should probably talk with your local game and fish officer or contact the ND DNR office to get in writing that you can catch-and-release carp. Some game and fish officers might interpret the law differently, so having permission from the main DNR office in writing would help your case if you have a dispute. The method is probably illegal because the dough bait is molded around the lead and not the hook. I explained that we normally shove the hook into the method ball, but this might not be enough according to the main office. The main office said they have not yet made a ruling, but were leaning toward making it illegal. For now they said they would leave it up to the local Game and Fish officer to decide for their area. However, the American Pay Lake groundbait idea is legal. Although we make method and groundbait pretty much the same way, it is how it is used that is the big difference. Groundbait is molded around the hook and not the lead, so that complies with ND Fishing Regulations, which allows you to mold bait around a lure or a hook. Using PVA string and bags are also legal as long as the hook is either in the bag or the bag or string is connected to the hook. This is the same idea as molding dough bait around the hook. The bait must be on the hook or around the hook to be legal. I would suggest contact the DNR main office in North Dakota and getting the rules confirmed in writing before fishing for carp. This way if there is a dispute with you and a Game and Fish officers you have some leverage to support your case. If you are stopped and threatened with a ticket or worse, just remain calm. Speak nicely and softly with the officer. Show your written permission. Give him a chance to digest it and make his decision. If he says no, then leave. It is probably best if you go and talk to them before you have a dispute. Show them your written permission from the main office and let them know where you will be fishing. Be polite and nice no matter how they respond. You can complain to the main office if there is a problem or if they act rudely. If you cannot get permission to fish the way I have been told is legal, then maybe try going someplace else in North Dakota. I have never had an issue with any DNR officer ever, but you never know. If they know you and have spoken with you, they are more likely to be friendly with you.
  3. I contacted the North Dakota DNR and this is what they had to say. You can release carp back into the water (catch and release), but you must take care not to harm the fish and do it right away. You are not permitted to keep the fish and then let it go later or move it to a different venue and then let it go. You must weigh it, photo it, and get it back into the water quickly from where it was caught. The North Dakota DNR does not want dead fish in the water that could cause bacteria growth and reduction of oxygen levels or carp transplanted into lakes where they are not found. The harvest rule in the fishing regulations is for bow anglers and spear anglers. Apparently, some people would shoot the fish with an arrow and then let it go free. Seems like a lack of common sense resulted in this law. The second part of my conversation had to do with chumming and chumming alternatives. No chumming is allowed in North Dakota; however, you can use a few alternatives. The use of a PVA bag or string is permitted if the bag or string is connected directly to the hook bait. The method is permitted too as long as you use the pay laker version. The European method idea is to mold the ground bait around the weight/lead, but the American pay laker idea is to put it around the hook bait. You can use the American pay laker version because the bait is being molded around the hook bait. It is illegal to put the method around the weight in North Dakota as this violates the rule that states it must be molded around a hook or lure. I hope that helps anyone fishing for carp in North Dakota. I started a Facebook group on YouTube for anyone interested in fishing for carp in North Dakota. North Dakota Carp Fishing Group on Facebook.
  4. Are there any Carp Fishing Tournaments or carp fishing events near North Dakota in the state or in any of the adjacent states? I live in Minot, ND.
  5. Another thing to keep in mind though is that the North Dakota regulations define common carp and silver carp as None-game Class III Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS), which "can be kept for consumption if legally harvested." but "cannot be released alive back into a waterbody after they have been harvested." So apparently, catch and release carp fishing is illegal in North Dakota. I was fishing the Garrison Dam in ND, with worms and was catching suckers. A game and Fish officer came up to me and asked for my Fishing License. I asked him, "What does Harvest mean for carp fishing/" He said the rule was written that way for bowfishing. They did not want bowfishing hunters to put the carp they shot with an arrow back into the water. He said that for catch-and-release I could release them back into the body of water where the fish were caught, but could not transport them alive. They just do not want carp getting into other bodies of water where there are no carp. I am still going to send a message to the ND DNR and ask again although they never responded back last time. I will let everyone know if they say something different. If they do not respond, I plan to go to one of the DNR fishing shows and ask someone directly at one of their booths. There are lots of carp at Garrison Dam, so I think it will make a great spot to fish in 2020.
  6. I was having trouble finding exact rules for carp fishing in North Dakota. It says there is no chumming unless the bait is attached to the hook. It does not say rather I can use sweet corn or field corn for bait or not. I am living in Minot, ND, and I wonder if anyone has any good carp fishing spots close to me.
  7. Kirt should post on the Calendar... Missouri does not show any events at this time.
  8. Put me on the list, I will be able to make this one. Thanks.
  9. Is anyone hosting any tournaments or fish-ins in Missouri this year?
  10. I am in Illinois, but only an hour from St. Louis. If you guys in MO start having tournaments or Fish-Ins, let me know. Contact me on Facebook as Paul Zucca-Scott.
  11. Yes, it works for any animal, but it does not mean they will not start flopping again or try to get away on you. Some guys say you can pinch the lower lip, but I am more concern about not touching the gills, and supporting the internal organs as best as possible. Really big fish probably should not be lifted at all to be honest because air cannot support the internal organs like water can. Gravity is different for a fish out of water. Also, keeping something soft under the fish while you hold it is a must. Last, be sure not to touch the gills because this can damage them or cause disease. But, yes, it does seem to help.
  12. There was always the issue with rowers there. Probably someone complained about the carp anglers' lines being in the way or something.
  13. My phone number is (217) 556-8674.

    Thanks, Paul Scott

  14. Hotel is paid!!! I am coming for sure. I am assuming we will be meeting in the parking lot where we normally meet. If anything changes, please call me. I will send you my number Larry. Thanks. Paul Scott
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