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  1. I have seen a massive carp appear to be feeding on the eggs of smaller carp before. When I was a child, I lived in a small town in Illinois called Virden. In this town, there was a sportsmen club, which owned two lakes connected by a large tile. The name of the total body of water was the Burlington Reservoir, but locally it was called the Tank. The one side was not kept and we called it the Old Tank. The other side was stocked and even drudged at one time, and we called this side the New Tank. A levee separated the two small lakes and you could walk between them and fish both bodies of water.
  2. Just let me know if you are in the State and I will show you some of my new honey holes. I asked a lot of questions because there was a rule that stated that a carp could not be released after it was harvested. I had to find out what exactly that meant because some of the anglers I spoke to thought it meant that you had to keep the carp. I spoke to the Game and Fish department and some local guys at a Spring Show and got the correct interpretation. Basically, they were not thinking about people catching carp on rod and reel because most people who target carp use a bow. They did not want bow a
  3. I started my Facebook group last year, but we are starting to grow despite the pandemic. Now that I am officially part of CAG again, I will be promoting CAG memberships, not just talking about CAG with my Facebook group members. Here in North Dakota we face many more obstacles than in other states. Chumming is not allowed and the rules are not clear on exactly what is considered chumming and they have left the interpretation of the laws up to their officers, which is never a good idea. It is difficult enough to get clear rulings from centralized officials for fishing regulations, but having to
  4. Is there anyone living in North Dakota that fishes for carp? How about Smallmouth Buffalo?
  5. You can use two rods on most bodies of water in North Dakota, but check lake regulations as some have special rules. You can catch-and-release carp back into the body of water from where you caught them according to the email I received from the main office. However, the regulations state that if the carp is harvested, it cannot be released. According to the email I got back, the rule is aimed at bow anglers because they were shooting carp with arrows and then releasing them back into the water to die. However, you should probably talk with your local game and fish officer or contact the
  6. I contacted the North Dakota DNR and this is what they had to say. You can release carp back into the water (catch and release), but you must take care not to harm the fish and do it right away. You are not permitted to keep the fish and then let it go later or move it to a different venue and then let it go. You must weigh it, photo it, and get it back into the water quickly from where it was caught. The North Dakota DNR does not want dead fish in the water that could cause bacteria growth and reduction of oxygen levels or carp transplanted into lakes where they are not found. The harvest rul
  7. Are there any Carp Fishing Tournaments or carp fishing events near North Dakota in the state or in any of the adjacent states? I live in Minot, ND.
  8. Another thing to keep in mind though is that the North Dakota regulations define common carp and silver carp as None-game Class III Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS), which "can be kept for consumption if legally harvested." but "cannot be released alive back into a waterbody after they have been harvested." So apparently, catch and release carp fishing is illegal in North Dakota. I was fishing the Garrison Dam in ND, with worms and was catching suckers. A game and Fish officer came up to me and asked for my Fishing License. I asked him, "What does Harvest mean for carp fishing/" He said the
  9. I was having trouble finding exact rules for carp fishing in North Dakota. It says there is no chumming unless the bait is attached to the hook. It does not say rather I can use sweet corn or field corn for bait or not. I am living in Minot, ND, and I wonder if anyone has any good carp fishing spots close to me.
  10. Kirt should post on the Calendar... Missouri does not show any events at this time.
  11. Put me on the list, I will be able to make this one. Thanks.
  12. Is anyone hosting any tournaments or fish-ins in Missouri this year?
  13. I am in Illinois, but only an hour from St. Louis. If you guys in MO start having tournaments or Fish-Ins, let me know. Contact me on Facebook as Paul Zucca-Scott.
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