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  1. My phone number is (217) 556-8674.

    Thanks, Paul Scott

  2. Jim, everyone wants that spot! It has been know to produce winning fish.
  3. Larry, thank you so much for putting on the Dixon Carp Derby. Everyone had so much fun; this was a great event. Although we were all fishing a real carp tournament, it felt more like a Fish-in. It was so cool to be fishing side-by-side with both local amateurs, and my professional carp fishing friends. You did a great job of organizing the event, and the fishing was awesome. Everyone was catching fish and getting runs. I must have landed over 40 carp during the two day event, and what an incredible variety of different types of carp. I caught Kio, common, mirror, and goldfish/carp hybrids. I wish I could figure out how to post photos on here to show everyone some of the fish I caught. I loved the tournament format, and the event was a lot of fun. God permitting, I will be back in 2015, to defend my Title as the 2014 Dixon Carp Derby Advanced Angler Division Champion. Maybe this time, I will be the Grand Champion, I just missed it by a few ounces. And even if I do not win any money, it certainly will be worth the five hour drive to fish the Rock River and take part in this tournament. Thanks again! Happy Holidays, Paul Scott You guys can go to the Central Illinois Fishing Group on Facebook to check out the photos. There is also an article posted on there about the event.
  4. Here is a couple of photos of Laura's Fully Scaled Mirror caught during the tournament. And the magic bait for the mirror carp was????? Nightcrawler worm!
  5. Laura and I would like to say thank you to Larry for putting on a great competition and to all the sponsors who made donations. Championships are supposed to be tuff, and this one was a real nail biter. I felt the way I did back when I used to run track in school; hearing the footsteps of competitors’ right on my heels. I could hear, “I am coming for you Paul,” the whole way. I mean literally, guys were yelling it down the bank at me. Thank you, Larry. Lee and Eric also deserve a special thank you. I believe they volunteered their services to act as marshals, so they deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. I just seen the video put on YouTube by Paul Sanders today, and it is great. Very cool Paul! Congratulations to the Champions! Jesus and Massimo had a great peg, and they fished like champions. Their teamwork and strategy seemed flawless. You might be interested to know that they were holding the fish in their swim very effectively. I am pretty sure they shut off the flow of fish for most everyone fishing the margins. Laura and I found ourselves struggling to budge the shoal of carp they had feasting in front of them. I am not surprised they finished first by more than eleven pounds, and it could have been even worse if they had not missed a few monsters. Laura would like for me to point out that Massimo and her are both Italian born, so Italy took the Gold and Silver in the IL Carp Championships. Congratulations to Mike on becoming the new IL CAG State Chair. It looks like your teammate had your back right up until he moved to Arizona. Congratulations to Frank on becoming the new Arizona State Chair for CAG. Mike has been taking my money all year in the MCAA events, and it was nice to get some of it back. I am also happy he is the chair and not me. I end this post in the words of my teammate who said this to me while she was dragging a 5 plus pounder to the net. “Don’t worry; I will not lose this fish because I am the greatest angler ever.”
  6. You guys could get into this event a lot cheaper if you first fish the VCRC IL Carp Champpionship Qualifier. The winner is guaranteed a $50 reduction for Larry's event. Also, you will most likely win enough cash to pay the entry for the Fighting Rough Fish IL Carp Championship Tournament.
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