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  1. I can bring a kayak to paddle out and place any chum day of the event if it is needed. I also have a Yeti 65 for drinks if someone needs a place to put them. If anyone has snack suggestions I will gladly supply some.
  2. As long as there is nothing on my calendar for the date chosen, I will be there. I can drive a good distance as well, I live a good ways from most places so I am used to it.
  3. Been a pleasure working with you, thanks for all the time you have put in! Go chase the salt water, but the carp will always be in the shadows taunting you!
  4. No issues on Big 4 upload last night, using FireFox
  5. I had a similar issue. Kept acting as if I was loading. In my case, as soon as I clicked on the text box like I was going to type more, it then showed as loaded. Not sure if coincidence or not, but give it a go and see. Your results may vary.
  6. Resistance has always been top notch for myself. Ordered from them for years and great products for a good price. Recently I received a small refund on shipping and it is a good gesture.
  7. Mine didn't get reset. I always had it in basic formatting. When I went to update after I got my big mirror, I could only do single line. I use Firefox but not sure it makes a difference.
  8. Mine is doing same thing so I had to add a lot of spaces and dashes to keep it from being ran together. I couldn't edit color or do much with it. Not sure why either.
  9. Not what happened to me, I am sure I'm not new. Error was occuring before an address could be input. I got delayed last night wrapping up Big 4. I may try again today.
  10. I also had the same paypal error last night. Will try again tonight.
  11. Brad

    Tom Bieback 48lbs1oz

    Beautiful fish.
  12. Judging by Texas forum there is at least a handful I think.
  13. I changed my PayPal last night. To a password I use different from anyother. I also deleted my old bad card from it. Will have to check my Ebay I guess. But I imagine that PayPal would have shown up as PayPal when they tried.
  14. Thanks for filling us in. I know you have not lost my business. I'm leaning towards what Neil said, there may be a major breach of a retailer bigger than just carpers.
  15. I did as well earlier as notated in the other thread.
  16. I have sent out an email just now so it can be looked into. Andy does offer PayPal and if it is or isn't him does not matter as I will use PayPal in future dealings with anyone. No PayPal, no business.
  17. My computer cleared all scans for key readers/loggers and trojans.
  18. Also add date fraud first started if possible
  19. Attempted fraud on debit card. Vendors: BCT - PayPal Resistance- CC First attempts started on 2/22.
  20. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/50687-creditdebit-card-fraud-and-carp-vendors-list-only-no-talk/ Use this thread to post confirmed fraud and vendors used. NO DISCUSSION
  21. As the topic states. There has been a large number of credit card fraud committed recently and in such a small knit group of anglers the number seems too high to be coincidence. Please post here ONLY if you have been a victim of credit/debit card fraud or attempted fraud. ONLY post the vendors you have done business with in the last year and then if you did PayPal or CC. No off topic discussion or bashing within this thread. This is an attempt to establish correlation, not a torch and pitchfork gathering. The vendor may not even be aware.
  22. Last company I ordered from was Resistance, a pretty long time ago though (April 2012). Aside from purchasing from individuals via pay pal I have curbed my carp spending recently.
  23. I imagine prepaid and through paypal you are pretty safe but I have nothing to base this on other than vague knowledge.
  24. Possum, you finding a way out of your escort and porno charges I see lol. Really it sucks and is terrible. Don't think it is a coincidence. It may not matter if purchases are recent or old if the info is found we are screwed pretty much. The fact that purchases on mine (dating sites/sears) lines up with others makes me confident its connected.
  25. I have made no recent purchases for carp gear however. Still old info could be compromised.
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