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  1. Find a kid they will fix it in about 3 seconds for you.
  2. Received mine today! WOW!!!! Very nice issue!
  3. PM Willem he can fix that
  4. Another great magazine, thanks everyone involved!
  5. Oh well its not the end of the world I guess! lol
  6. Lost some posts! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmao I lost over 1600 posts ! SIXTEEN HUNDRED!
  7. Woo Hoo made it to West Virginia today! Nice job fellers!
  8. Yep they out did themselves with this issue its the best ever!
  9. Got mine today 1/23/14 in Morgantown West by God Virginia! Best issue ever!
  10. Some do use this option! I use it to keep track of those I fish with or talk to a lot or people I consider my "friends". This function allows me to find them quick to shoot off a PM, see when they have been on if I'm looking for them for one reason or another. If you are not on my list doesn't mean your not my friend its just that I probably don't interact with you a lot. I find it a useful function for keeping track of my friends!
  11. Has anyone notified them that they have possibly been/are corrupted? They are good folks and someone needs to alert them of apossible problem via email or whatever.
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