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  1. Update on my post. It was a little premature. Looks like the pod is in the process of being replaced
  2. Dave does a great job at BCT. The problem I am running into right now is getting Fox to reply to Dave about a swap on my pod. I had an issue with my Eclipse. Dave contacted them about it, and they said it was covered under warranty, and would honor it but the Eclipse was discountinued and they didn't have any stock, so wanted to know if there was another pod I wanted to swap it out for. This was back in August and Dave cannot get Fox to reply now. Really starting to piss me off. Likely the last Fox product I purchase because of this, even if they do man up and swap out the pod.
  3. Paul, Any word on which brand / flavor of Scopex was used in the production?
  4. Stewart, I'll take one XL. I'll need it shipped though. PM me and we'll work the details. Thanks.
  5. Rodman, You want mirrors buddy? I have the place for you
  6. Man....2nd day shipping on a bedchair. OUCH When I ordered mine from ACS, it arrived rather quickly. Biggest key is shipping factor. Typically great service from them though.......wouldn't be afraid to order anything from them.
  7. Len, Shoot me an email with your updated email addy. I don't have it since you've changed them. THanks. tpet96@columbus.rr.com
  8. I don't have any technical data to rely on, only personal experience. I've fished about every line imaginable. All I fished for before 3 years ago was Walleye and smallmouth bass. I've fished mono, flourocarbon, hybrids, co-polymars, braids, etc...... Mean Green doesn't break off 1/2 way up the line like other co-polymars. The abrasian resistance is unusually high, and the knot strength (IMO) is far better than any other line I've tried. The true test I gave it was fishing it last winter in Lockport. The air temps were 14 F. Brand new spool of Mean Green. Not once did I have any coil in the line in cold weather. It remained limp and didn't stiffen at all. The only downfall I've seen in this line is the availability. Never used to be able to find the stuff. But now......I turned a dealer onto it here in Ohio, and he can't keep it in stock now. Sells out very quickly to the cat/carp/saugeye/bass guys. Not a problem finding it now......as Wacker carries it. I've seen what Wholesale is on this line....(I used to get mine for a buck or two over it)......and Paul has a VERY minimal markup on it. Not making crap off it at all. They have been around for years, but have been a small market. They don't produce in extremely large quantities like Stren, Berkley, etc. So there is more attention paid to what is being made (that is a positive).
  9. I see Paul is now carrying McCoy Mean Green line Good deal paul. When I"m done with my 2400yd spool, you'll get an order from me. This stuff is awesome gang. At least buy a small spool and try it. You won't be disapointed.
  10. Jerome, Come to Ohio. We'll get rid of a spool of power pro in just a trip or two
  11. Keep in mind......... The carp scene is a new market in the US. People are curious how to catch these critters, and they are curious on the European style of fishing. Give the people the opportunity to purchase equipment that will hold up, but is very reasonably priced, and they will purchase it. Once they are hooked.....they will always start spending the $$$ for higher end gear or what have you. If you start tellign them they need to spend $5000 to start Carpin' the Euro way, they will be turned off from the beginning. Besides.....when you were 8 yrs old......did you start off bass fishing with $500 reels, $300 rods, $35,000 bass boat, $10,000 in lures, etc? No......you started off with a zebco 202 and tackle for under $20. Alex is thinking the right way.........'offer the American people a good product at a low price, and they will purchase. Upper end sales will come later.
  12. Guess it's time to move Good luck Alice. Keep in touch with everyone here!
  13. Alexander, If you could, please bring an extra bag of Corn Pellets. I will need one for Sunday. Thanks!
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