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  1. please add Michal Gliksman to the list he just confirmed he will be there with me
  2. Dave please add me to the list and let me know when and where I can make a deposit thanks
  3. Great day with my friend Paulo Nestor, his family Magda, Maya and Michael, with our new friend Logan and of course surrounded by carp This is what carp fishing about - fun, friends and carp in the net.
  4. ...and I was lucky one who took this picture
  5. Only in Baldwinsville NY, magical moments can happen and you can meet two legends of US carp fishing...
  6. You guys are amazing as amazing are fish you caught !!!
  7. two years ago two anglers from Chicago have fished between two B...H... at Storey. I love Lake Storey but i dont see room for 100 anglers or even 75 but it is a Bill call. btw. campground has very limited bank space before water will be lowered down. Still think Mantrose Harbore in Chicago with good baiting campaign would be good to catch a lot decent fish. hmmmm. how about Two Rivers Wisconsin ??
  8. exactly why there is no problem with asian carp in europe ? they have them and i dont hear national drama about it
  9. You Brothers did it again Fantastic Job guys !!!!
  10. Catch and release only my friend
  11. I might fish a little this april early may there. we will see. But i like idea to move to spring and leave in chicago
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