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  1. wow !!!! And you are calling yourself a STATE CHAIR and represent CAG ??? After this kind of comment you should not be on this position anymore
  2. hmmm...come to fish Chicago River with bloodworm Sticky Baits. I got two 30 + in past on this boilies and never got catfish on it
  3. don't forget your fishing equipment, some nice carp around the WackerBaits store to catch always welcome !!!
  4. Paul is the man. Just stoped by to visit him and got another great product from WackerBaits yesterday, Fox Fx reel protector pouch as a addition to Fox Fx 5 rods Quiver Cover . We are so lucky to have him in our backyard in Chicago. Thank You Paul for great service !!!
  5. BCT :yes: Special for some orders from overseas They are the best. You can order any items from Europe what BCT does not have them. They ordered for me many my Trakker items from overseas and price was not expensive and all was here in less than 10 days. Big Carp Tackle !!!!
  6. Carp Kit great supporter of Polonia Carp Team !!! Great service, great products !!!
  7. SoCalCarper sure you should contact Mihai or bohgdan and give them your opinions even if they are negative. It always help them to improve their products. My boilies from K-1 look good not too soft and not too hard. Also maize seems to be fine and not overcooked. I will contact Mihai and let him know about delivery problem I know he got newborn baby few days ago maybe that was the reason of delayes with order. If you want I will PM mihai's cell phone then you can call him. He is great guy to talk and will listen your observations about K-1 products.
  8. K-1 Baits went in very good hands, the hands of people who have ideas how to improve products to become even better and this is what they are. Lot of very interesting and new products, new flavors, new concepts of boilies. Many new ideas not only on baits, but also on tackles and... we will see soon K1 owners can see opportunities for faster development of carp anglers in the U.S. in the near future and try to make their products the best to meet the expectations of us, carp anglers. Good Job guys !!!
  9. I do not see any intentions of attack. Daniel is right about thinking the same way what You do sir and this way CAG is loosing the members. If You built this club many years ago and You always been a member sir You should stay with club, no matter what worst or better time...that is my opinion. And time You spent as a CAG member compere to other, newer members is not really matter now since You are not a CAG member. It is pointless to saying: "I have been CAG member much longer than others", so what ? What it means now when You are not with us here sir...when You are not using your experience to make this club better. So, I really would like to know if is possible what was the reason You decided to be not CAG member anymore after so many years being here (if of course it is not personal/financial issue)??? Best Regards Paul
  10. One of the reason I still pay and I will my membership of CAG is because I want to be a part of this big promotion of carp fishing in USA. 50 $ is not a huge amount just to proudly tell people around: I am a member of Carp Anglers Group the biggest carp fishing organization in North America. I totally trust Andy and his crew and I know and see they do great job and use our funds in good purposes.
  11. Make me wonder why previous member are not members of CAG now. Just curious why it happens.
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