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  1. Zach is fishing the ATC? say it aint so
  2. wow is that an Eddie Flores I see
  3. Mitch, name is steve and carp fishing is mt game, I am an old fart of 48 myself and would love to share the bank with you m8, send me a message and lets toss a few back and catch some fish
  4. now that I think about it yes there is ample space for 10 or more anglers, just not much area for camping.
  5. when we were there our main concern was a place to camp but if I recall there was ample fishing spots available, let me talk to Joe and see if he recalls the area we fished at.
  6. There have been so many fish-ins and get togethers at Emma so lets hit a place not fished much, Sandlin has a decent population of commons and buffalo up to 82 lbs, I really think it is worth a shot. Joe and I were there and caught commons up to 17lbs, I really think there are many 20s to be caught, maybe 30s, who knows
  7. My apologies if what I said offended anybody.
  8. Not saying resistance has bad service, just trying to find a possible link somewhere
  9. Anybody else who got taken order from them?
  10. Anybody order from resistance?
  11. I am still waiting for my refund
  12. my friend joe got hit as well, seems many CAG members are involved
  13. yeah my card got hit a little over a week ago by someone in the UK, it was some dating site they joined 4 charges for 49.99 each, 2 went through before my bank stopped it, I thought maybe a tackle shop got hacked but I dont use that carp for tackle purchases, I do it for here though, hmmm
  14. Loranne oils are great but in reality there are only 2 flavors that are true oils, this is the cinammon and anise, there are of course other oils in their line but not commonly used as flavorings. I use the cinammon and anise to make my maize with great catch success and have used it on boilies as well with just ok results.
  15. Stephen Clark

    ATC Pegs?

    thats a tight area to peg 2 teams at Andy, 3 people fishing pen middle is tight enough let alone 4 people
  16. Stephen Clark

    ATC Pegs?

    seems those buoys are permanent now, such a shame, great spot for pre-spawn stage bigguns
  17. Stephen Clark

    ATC Pegs?

    Melrose is still a wash?
  18. Neil I changed my mind about the shirt, I will pass this year
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