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  1. U dont have to add proteins if you dont want to . Its just better to add for better nutritional value . In long run it keeps them healthy for us to catch memories . For winter go more with alcohol based flavors and for summer oil based are best.
  2. To keep flavors steam them instead of boiling them . Steaming for about 2-3 minutes . If you want to get into some advanced boilies do 50/50 semolina/soya , add grounded pellets or protein powder for some proteins and crushed multivitamin tablet with some nijer seed. Add flavor and oil , little salt and sugar and ure set with simple yet nutritious boilie. Add some flavor to bag before freezing for more attraction . Happy fishing .. if you need more info about recipes let me know , i got ton of them ;-)
  3. Had to take 4 bathroom brakes but still watched it .. Very nice video but id still add more time for rigs and rod setups . Got to love these kind of videos on winter nights . Thank you
  4. One of most important piece of tackle should be black garbage bag . Ive been cleaning spots i fish for some time already after fishermen . People have to understand that we are keeping it clean for ourselves , for future of sport and environment. Thank you for all who keeps their spots clean !
  5. Hehe pike on corn . Thats new one ! ive got bass and small fish on corn back in days .. good luck and nice fish !
  6. oats,panko,cream corn ,sweet corn + flavor of your choice .. 2-3 corn on hair and you are set .. prebait few days in advance tho might help on fish day !
  7. U could roll them yourself with any colors you want
  8. Well since lasts years fish in was blast (thank you adam and miguel) i would love to continue these awesome meetings. Lets decide on date , time and number of people attending . Since my personality is kinda good i am open ears to any advices and tips. My first idea was to actually overnight fishing so lets hear ideas. Thank you Luke
  9. Awesome thread .. just found it ! My name is luke and i live in kunkletown pa.. anyone looking for fishing around deleware area let me know ... might do few this year and partner wouldnt hurt So welcome to all PA members
  10. Welcome !! You will find lots of great info and make new friends .. Please use search button before you ask any questions as i am pretty sure lots of them were answered already .. Thank you and Welcome in our ever growing carp fishermen group
  11. I wouldnt go with cheap ebay alarms .. As many of us i have started thinking of cheap alarms will do work ... grrrr was wrong .. if you really want some alarms in good price just get BFS alarms .. cheap and fairly good .. with time youll see that need of good alarms with advanced setting will be necessary .. my 2 cents .. check batteries in BFS regularly they tent to go out quick .. Plus there aint no better alarm then piece of branch on line btw rings !!!! old style rulezzz
  12. Awesome fish ,,, i used to fish central park a lot last year ... so happy to see someone does fish that lake ... Hopefully one day we can meet there for some Urban Fish in ... There is one Koi ~ 25lb white with orange ... ive had him more then 3 times and always he got away ... awesome lake to fish at .. lots of people to watch hehe
  13. size and slot limits would be best to protect fish ... just hope none of those 50 daily limit crap
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