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  1. Been way too long since this thread was posted in, thought it'd be cool to get it kicking again! Heres a few mirrors to get it going Would love to see what everyone else has got to share these days.
  2. Thanks, yes love the fantails!! I'm sure Carl and Alex will show us some skills!
  3. I thought id share a few of the better fish I've had this year as i don't post on the CAG forums as much as id like to, Ive been more on Facebook the last two years. I still fish as much if not more than i used to when i was still posting on here, most of it just goes on Facebook. Id like to change that though and get back on here again as well. Also Brendan, former CAG president Andy Sprinkle, and myself have started up a bait company named Trilogy Baits. We sell all kinds of Particles, Flavors, Methods and Packbaits, Ingredients, and tackle items as well. So we are looking forward to finding where this new venture takes us. If anyone would like to check us out here is a link to our website http://www.trilogycarpbaits.com. A few of the better fish I've had this year, sorry kinda picture heavy. 32lb+ 31lb+ 29lb+ 28lb+ 27lb+ 27lb+ Did not weigh this fish, guessing around the 27lb to 28lb mark 26lb+ 26lb+ 24lb+ 24lb+ Don't know the weights of a couple of the mirrors, did not weigh a couple. 21lb+ 22lb+ 24lb+ 24lb+ 24lb+ Also today Brendan and I are leaving for the UK to do two weeks of fishing and filming with Carl and Alex, hoping all goes well. We are both very excited!
  4. sterling is a seasonal water all around the the lagoons, you will do best there in the spring and fall. During the summer it's small carp, cats, and buffalo. In the fall the fishing there can be very good for size and numbers. It also stays weed free year round. My favorite area on the lagoon are the few openings on the opposite bank of the parking lot. Also ford and Belleville lake have a lot of carp in them, try ford lake park or north bay park on ford lake!
  5. First fish from a new lake was this 26lb common Next fish was this 24lb+ common
  6. A post spawn recap of my PB koi which had dropped a little over a pound in weight Beautiful fantail ghostie I had the other day
  7. A few Israeli mirrors from a trip to Ohio!
  8. A couple koi! One of which we call the cow and the other we named Houdini! After that fish we have now caught all 8 of our target koi!
  9. Alright thank god lol, you had me worried! Look forward to the event as usual, should be a great time!
  10. Dave there's still some ice on the lake lol?? I'm up for dinner Saturday night again
  11. Nice one chance!!
  12. Austin

    To early still?

    No problem chance! I will be out fishing saline on Thursday hopefully and will let you know how it fishes. I know a few weeks ago some of the north end of ford was unfrozen but the rest of the lake was solid. Not sure now thougv
  13. Austin

    To early still?

    If you get out good luck! Make sure to let us know how it goes!
  14. Austin

    To early still?

    Hey chance, for some venues yes it's still too early. If you want a good chance at catching try saline mill pond. Should be mostly unfrozen and will give you a good chance at a fish this time of year as it warms up quick. A couple fish have been caught out of it as of last week. I would stay away from erie right now as the water level has dropped tremendously because of the winds today. Although sterling should start producing within the next two weeks once unfrozen
  15. I will be there hopefully we have some open water lol!
  16. Austin


    Congrats on the win Christian very well deserved!! Cant wait to see a few of the pics from the event, saw that ghostie you had, unreal!
  17. My next entry is a smaller fish but the backdrop makes up for it I think lol, I was fishing on top of some huge ice cliffs and they made for some good pictures!
  18. I guess since nothing has been added i will add these two. This first one was a 21lb from a recent session here in Michigan
  19. Oh yes definite heat wave, it's been absolutely frigid here this February!
  20. Skeet we had a very mild day with the temps hovering around the 40's!
  21. Thanks guys! Andy I think it was a little of both
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