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  1. Perhaps I was a bit too opportunistic and naïve in my comment from a week and a half ago... I still feel very strongly about us "getting through this" and" staying calm" but staying safe should be our main objective. Please make good decisions.... Todd
  2. No Cancellations Here! This crisis plays right into our "wheelhouse". Isolation!! lol Seriously, I wish everyone the best. We are going to get through this.. Keep Calm and carry on... Be safe
  3. Great job to All of the contributors and everyone who put this edition together! Very Well Done Indeed! Seriously, Nice Work. 5 star ***** Todd
  4. Iain, Sorry to hear that you are stepping down but happy to hear you will remain with the group. Your friendship and willingness to share your knowledge about carp fishing and great fishing locations with me (despite not knowing me very well back then) will always be appreciated! You are a true Ambassador to our sport. Hope to see you soon. Todd
  5. I have no doubt that someone's intentions were good when he/she/they CAG? decided to transition this tournament into a regional one. But based on the comments here and additional chatter I have heard/read, I think the outcome missed its mark. Encouraging more interest and inclusion from others outside the "advantaged areas" is fine but if these changes put the majority of the paying tournament members at a disadvantage...…. I would think that the move would have an opposite effect in the long run... Regardless, Thank you for encouraging and receiving my feedback. Todd
  6. I must say that I too was very disappointed as to how this years Big 4 tournament was conducted and concluded. The first time that I had heard of this tournament being a regional tournament was well after it had begun. Poor communication to members of this group for sure. Secondly, as Dave Pickering mentioned above, prizes and the disbursement of prizes should have been mentioned prior to the beginning of the tournament. Hearing nothing, I assumed that it would be just as it was in the past. Top ten finishers would be recognized and prizes would be given. Again poor communication to membership as this was not done. Very little recognition and acknowledgement were given to most of the members that deserved some. The CAG Big 4 tournament is a premier yearly event that should be showcased much better than this spring tournament was. Very disappointing to say the least. I can only hope that my comments in this post will help to start more dialog and communication within CAG to avoid these issues in future tournaments. Thanks Todd Richer
    Well Written Informative Real Time/ Up to date Now that's a Newsletter! Great job. Thanks
  7. willem

    Looking for assistance re: Big Four.  Please see IM I sent you.



    Todd Richer

  8. Good Luck with the job Bob!

  9. thanks for laughing at my post.  It sounded funnier when I was writing it.  Ha ha    Think Spring.   See ya soon

  10. Dear CF, Ive missed so much in the last two weeks. I have been thinking about you a lot. I have been checking online everyday and night since you left, wondering if you were ever going to come back. I realize now,that I may not have been the best member at times and I'm sorry that I may have taken you for granted. But now that you are back, things are going to change! I promise! Please! don't ever leave me again. Todd P.S. You may hear some rumors about me visiting something called Facebook and YouTube a lot while you were gone, but I promise that is over now . Welcome Back! P.S.S. You look really good too!
  11. If only one fish was to be caught, a 38lber was a good fish to be " the one".
  12. Welcome Rob! Looking forward to some trips up to the North Country. Thanks for stepping in/up.
  13. If you need some volunteers or assistance, I would be glad to help.
  14. Just a thought..... would be nice to have 2-3 people to do the rod distance tests as to solidify the results. just to dispell the naysayers. JMO.
  15. The distance tests results should be very "interesting". Looking forward to that. Thanks
  16. Has your membership run out?? That happen to me last month.
  17. After recently letting my CAG membership lapse, I quickly renewed. Ever since, I am not receiving the post/thread updates on my email as i was previously. I checked my settings and all seems in order. Any assistance would be appreciated. Todd
  18. Living here in New England, I hear people talking about fishing " tidal" waters. I assume they are referring to rivers that are effected by ocean tides. Therefore, there is a mix of fresh and salt water. What are some facts about Carp living in these waters? Can they only tolerate minor levels of brackish water? Are there examples of Carp living in very salty waters? What are the best methods to fish these waters? ( Regarding tide and salinity.) Todd
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