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Vintage Mitchell 300 Up For Bid!

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Many of you cut your Carpin’ teeth on a Mitchell 300 Reel. For the times, there was no better reel on the market. I have decided to part with this reel because of my love for CAG and my passion for the cause.



This is no ordinary Mitchell 300. Sure it has “Made in France” stamped on one side & sure you may say….”I’ve got a whole sack of those” but (change of direction) this reel has been used by a certain unnamed Ol Captain on many trips to the Hooch. This particular reel has been licked and certified slime free by the Ultimate Carp Hound himself!! The reel (like the Captain) is in good shape considering its age.


Just think of the ramifications here! One of these days, when the Ol Captain’s pen is dried up and his ashes have been tossed into the sea you will have your very own personal treasure!! Finally, this reel (if used properly) is guaranteed to catch a boat load of Carp (Boat not included in the sale) !!


Winning Bidder to pay directly to Paypal Address: customerservice@carpanglersgroup.com .I will ship free of charge to anywhere in the continental USA. The reel will come with a personal hand written note from yours truly.

Bidding will end promptly Friday evening, Feb 11th, 8:00 PM ET.

Let the bidding begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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guys this is truly the best thing cag has ever done. what a way to make $$$;s for a club. really shows the love that CAG has with in.



P.S if i didnt have 2 302's i would pic this up.

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In my original post I failed to mention that a nice Leatherette Box also comes with this reel. The winning bidder will not be ashamed to display this handsome box anywhere!! Where else but from the Captain's Quarters could you get a certified slime free, Hooch Heirloom?? Keep bidding boys, there is still time. You will be doing a “Good Work” for CAG if you capture this Ol Captain’s coveted item.




Just a few more days!!!


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Rod, I am not so sure. If you were to cut yourself short, I am concerned that Nash would come out with 37 new items and you'd be forced to hock it, along with the neighbors dog. It would be the only way you could remain the only person in North America that has one of everything that Nash has ever produced. :D

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man...first Buckeye Bob...and then that darn Zoomie...I'm going to have to count some change and see if I got enough to keep playing with you two.

ps anybody got a few bucks i could borrow?

I'll help you, even though I'm sure you don't need it. Just be here tomorrow before 759 and get the winning bid like you would with ebay.

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