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Champion of the Queen Award 2019 - Dean Brookes


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Champion of the Queen Award

2019 recipient - Dean Brookes

Since its inception back in 1993, the Carp Anglers Group “Champion of the Queen” award (sometimes referred as “Protector of the Queen” award) has been used to acknowledge exceptional achievements in promoting CAG and carp angling in North America.

It is named after the description given by Sir Izaak Walton to the carp in his book the ‘Compleat Angler’ first published in 1653 “The Carp is the Queen of Rivers: a stately, good and very subtle fish”.

The Champion of the Queen is nominated by the CAG President and Vice-President and voted on by the CAG Directors. It is commemorated by an engraved presentation piece and a lifetime membership to CAG. I’m indebted to Dave Pickering who nominated Dean Brookes, CAG NACA Editor, and I was not only delighted to support Dave’s nomination but that we both Dave & I had the opportunity to present the award to Dean in person on the riverbank.

Champion Queen 2019 Award Presentation-1.jpg

Dean has been the NACA editor in chief since 2014 and has helped transform the NACA online magazines together with the annual printed editions. As well as introducing many top North American based writers Dean has also engaged some of Europe’s carp luminaries to write for the NACA. Dean has also been an engaged and motivated member of the CAG Board and a very well received presenter at the North American Carp Conference. He is also known to be a very fine angler and able catch a fish or three… usually bigger than mine!

Congratulations Dean!

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Hi Dean  my nam is David and  i am a very big carp fisherman  i was wondering if 1 you know how to join the carp anglers group  and 2 where r good  places to go carp fishing coz i moved to Michigan in 2012 coz i was leaving in England  for 17 years  so i picked up carp fishing in England and i love it thanks very much 

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Hi David,

  Welcome to CAG.

Joining is easy.  Just go to the top of this page, and in the solid blue line, click on the second item in from the left.  

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