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  1. 44lb Grass Carp! Watch our first video!

    Cool video !
  2. A new Personal Best!

    Well done Mark !!.. Grrrr !
  3. Sorry Jerome / bob g,... Family reunion time for me !.. Good luck
  4. Do you keep a fishing log?

    I used to !... When I started targeting carp in the tidal Hudson ... Different swims,the tides,weather,baits and prebaiting, fish size etc.. keeping a journal was all part of the day's session !
  5. Pair of Daiwa Grand waves for sale.

    Love the grandwaves ! If I didn't have three already .......!
  6. Some will never learn

    that sucks Sorano !.. sorry to hear that !!
  7. Another 30+

    nice healthy looking lump !! congrats
  8. some days are golden

    Very nice Colin !.... and welcome to CAG !!.. see you at Ed Wagners fishin at Dutchmans landing !
  9. How do you prepare chick-peas (Garbanzo beans)?

    Pour boiling water over the dried chicks and left to soak over night are perfect texture wise especially for the hook baits ! I used to use Brookesys method but on occasion I've over cooked them and they became slightly mushy (cooking's not my strong point lol ) Atb Val
  10. My fishing vehicle

    wow..... nice job mickey !!!!
  11. 2014 CCC will be hosted in Waddington, New York on Sept. 12th & 13

    I'm in !! looking forward to meeting up and fishing of course!!
  12. 2014 CCC will be hosted in Waddington, New York on Sept. 12th & 13

    fellow CCC carpers,.. is anybody staying at Coles Creek campgrounds for their stay ??
  13. 2014 CCC will be hosted in Waddington, New York on Sept. 12th & 13

    Hey guys,.. anybody staying at colescreek campsite ??.... or is hotel/motel the way to go ???
  14. 3 Day Session Results!

    WoW ,, nice session !!!