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  1. (DC) Mark Metzger

    WTB Okuma aventa float rod 13.5 ft

    broke mine looking for a replacement new or used let me know what you have similar would be ok too
  2. (DC) Mark Metzger

    Bye Guys & Gals

    im bettin we haven't seen the last of Neil......:-)
  3. (DC) Mark Metzger

    Boille Shop Boillies

    hey bill dowler have anymore of those containers kicking around ? they are the best id buy a few if you have any
  4. (DC) Mark Metzger

    Carp and CAG in the news

  5. (DC) Mark Metzger

    A special thanks to our sponsor

    A special thanks to our returning sponsor. Awesome Neckwear and Accessories. Made in America
  6. (DC) Mark Metzger

    A special thanks to our sponsor

    http://www.garnermm.com/home.htm Thanks to our new sponsor
  7. (DC) Mark Metzger

    A special thanks to our sponsor

    thanks Tom !! for those who don't think tom knows a thing or two ....wiser words could not have been uttered. Phil will be making the bait. I have some new guaranteed to catch stuff im gonna try out :-)
  8. (DC) Mark Metzger

    A special thanks to our sponsor

    Another sponsor to thank ..... Crittenden clothes
  9. (DC) Mark Metzger

    A special thanks to our sponsor

    The owner of www.collaredgreens.com is an avid multi species angler who has authored and photographed a number of books on fly fishing. One is dedicated to fly fishing Idaho and the other explores the finest salmon fishing rivers in the world. http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=167
  10. (DC) Mark Metzger

    A special thanks to our sponsor

    Phil and I want to say thank you to our sponsor . http://www.collaredgreens.com/
  11. (DC) Mark Metzger

    all links for the 2014 ATC for your convenience

    1 more link of importance to the out of town folks http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/business/licenses/online_sales/
  12. (DC) Mark Metzger

    St Lawrence Spring Spawn Trip

  13. (DC) Mark Metzger


    Brid you wont need to log in phil and I are going to catch all the fish :-)
  14. (DC) Mark Metzger

    ATC 2014 Side Pots

    Might as well just send your money to Phil and I as we will be taking home the gold......... Looks good Keith, thanks.