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  1. Hey Buddy Add Fred Rhodes and myself to the List see you at the CCC
  2. Hi Barry is the CAG Store secured I want to Register for the CCC


  3. Hi Chad,I have to talk to Fred see if he wants to do it or try to find someone to pick me up and take me back Home I'll let you know ok
  4. Hey buddy how you doing can you give me a call at Home need to ask you a question about Joliet Tournaments,1-773-498-8300



  5. Hey Buddy Text me (1-773-668-5553)

  6. Hey Buddy please add Fred and Cobb for the 3rd,I wont be able to Fish Injured my Wrist, Thanks
  7. Hey Frank I have to drop out for the 27th and let Paul Zucca-Scott take my place,Thanks
  8. Hey Buddy add Fred ,Cobb and myself for the 23rd,Thanks
  9. Hey buddy how you doing have you posted any details for your 5 Bridges Tournament for April 30th yet how much is the Entry Fee Im thinking about doing if Fred Rhodes decides to Fish it talk to you later is this you Larry


  10. That looks just like my OD T-Shirts
  11. Hey Buddy how you doing please add Fred and Cobb for the 29th,Thanks Robert
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