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  1. Big carp tackle

    Also on our Big Carp News website as well.
  2. Big carp tackle

    I am everywhere and nowhere. I hear nothing yet hear everything
  3. Big carp tackle

    We’re still around and check in now and then. Probably won’t get conoflex though so can’t help you there.Thanks for for the kind words and of course the business. Wouldn’t be around without you guys!!!
  4. Rig help

    The damage from the 360 rig was mostly attributed to the swivel part getting tangled in the net mesh and if/when the fish flopped the force would tear their mouth.
  5. **A Call to Arms - Weigh Marshals**

    I plan on being "that guy" that calls the marshal even though it's smaller than our smallest on the board!
  6. **A Call to Arms - Weigh Marshals**

    I'll weigh my teams fish! I figure it'll lighten the load for the marshalls to not come by every 20 minutes
  7. Pop up plastic corn = less takes?

    The slow sinking corn is still slightly buoyant as it's designed to sink with the weight of the hook. It you drop it in a bowl you will see that it floats. Tap it or squeeze it and it will sink to the bottom and waft around slightly.
  8. Preliminary Headcount

    BCT for 2 teams
  9. First purchase from Big Carp Tackle

    That net comes with a plastic spreader block. Not sure why the shorter rod has a higher shipping. We are tied to USPS for rates and sometimes there are hiccups in the systems talking. We also refund back any difference in the shipping if we are able to ship it for less than you paid.
  10. First purchase from Big Carp Tackle

    Range Cubes won't be in for quite a while. As for the net, I would have to check to see if it has been discontinued. You could get the NGT 6ft handle ($14.95) and one of the NGT Carp net with spreader block ($18.95-$22.95). We sell a lot of these and have had very few issues with them. http://www.bigcarptackle.com/rods-reels/rods/ngt-specialist-carp-12ft-2pc-275lb-tc-carbon-carp-rod#product-tabs
  11. Air ball are regular popups. Wafters are neutrally balanced. Cork ball popups have a cork ball in the center and the boilie wrapped around it. These are the most buoyant. Cork dust popups have funky ground cork mixed into the base mix to create a very buoyant popup. Glugged hookbaits are bottom baits that are soaking in matching liquids. Hard hook baits are also bottom baits that are much harder than regular boilies. Great when turtles and such attack your hookbait.
  12. First purchase from Big Carp Tackle

    The Ashima hooks we are no longer carrying so what we have is what we have. The Gama hooks are there (unsure why you could not find them) http://www.bigcarptackle.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=gamakatsu+carp+hooks If you have any questions feel free to email us.
  13. Since I haven't been around IL lately what's the biggest from Johnson Sauk so far?
  14. I always wondered how strong those chains were... I guess we know now!