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  1. Frank, please remove me from the list for Oct 28th. All 3 of my building permits have gotten approved, so it's going to be a while that I can fish. Thanks again. Unless the forecast is for rain all day, them I can fish.
  2. Frank, I won't be able to commit to this event until the Thursday prior to this event. I hope there is room if that is the case.
  3. Good job boyz, I will make the next one no matter where it might be.
  4. Frank, you will fill up this event. Not much going on in the carp fishing world this weekend.
  5. Frank, do you know something I don't? My name is back on the list for some reason. I to make sure, I can not make it on the 9th.
  6. I thought I would give you a heads up, instead of just not showing up. And giving someone else a chance to sign up.
  7. Frank, I really hate to, but I have remove myself from the entry list for the 9th of Sept. I'm starting a side job on the 26th of Aug and it's going to require all my attention for appox 4 weeks. I will see everyone at the next one. And no I'm not going to Dixon, LOL.
  8. WTB: Short bankstick

    Do you own a hacksaw?
  9. Wow! Wish I knew about this two days sooner. I agreed to work the weekend. Without even fishing Jim's events are the best.