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  1. And as to those who just decided not to show up, THANKS!
  2. Thank to all who attended, I believe everyone had a good time. The bite could have been better but.................. Excuse my computer skills, but Dustys total was 69 lbs total, And andys total was 68-6.
  3. The light rain continued most of the morning but didn't stop Dusty for taking the win for the 2nd year in a row, beating Chicago know Angler great Andy Burnagiel by only 10 ounces. 3rd place taken by Frank Rink with a 50-10 lbs total. Jeff Conroy earns big fish honors for his tough fighting 22-9 fish, Great job Guys. Heres some pictures I have of the event, if you have any more please post them here. Dusty Palmer 1st place Andy B. 2nd placeJeff conroy Big fish Frank Ring 3rd place A few more pics of the other winners of other catagories and raffle prizes Hotdog central Emilio
  4. Felling a little under the weather, results will be posted on Monday. Thanks to who showed up for a decent event!
  5. Good luck all, drive safe.
  6. Look at it this way Gentlemen, if this event was still held in Joliet we would be using 5 ounce leads and still fighting swift current.
  7. No pre-fishing Jaffar, I know how you are,LOL
  8. I promise it will not be as wet as last year, I guarantee it!!!!!
  9. Its going to be a ROYAL day of Carp fishing ,LOL.🤵👰
  10. Looks great again Frank, thank you.
  11. Just so everyone knows Tracy Jourdan pre paid for this event because he will be an hour or so late. So we will draw peg for him.
  13. Thanks for the update Jeff, and thank you Josef for the hook box greatly appreciated.
  14. Yes he is frank, and thanks for taking the calls.
  15. Well Gentlemen 3 days to go and we lost 2 anglers for this event, but we gained one. So we are at 18 anglers for the 19th. Drive safe, you snooze you loose, 6am peg draw!