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  1. No problem Mike, thank you.
  2. Entry list as of now. Larry Frank Emilio Anthony Jaffar Dusty Tony D Tracy Tony S Jeff C Cory B Carpxl Jacob Mihai Dan R Dylan B
  3. Just on the reserve list. I cant promise anything but most of the time 10% of anglers drop out or something comes up between now and then. Josef will be #1 on the reserve list. Thanks Emilio.
  4. Rules will be posted soon. bathroom in the zoo appox 100yards away Parking about 50 yards from your peg. Don't be afraid to ask questions, "Nobody told me " is not an excuse.LOL
  5. Your in! The entry list is full. I will be taking names for the reserve list. Thanks to all who signed up. ===Larry
  6. First of all Dylan, last years winner of this event was a first time carper. He won with all equipment borrowed from me. As for gear, 2 or three rods with a little heavier line 12lbs is good, backleads, some bait (canned corn), weather appropriate clothing (weather can change 3 or 4 time during this event).and a gill safe net, if you don't have a net we will all be fishing somewhat close to each other and a net isn't a must there will be plenty of nets there, And with me knowing all the anglers at this event you better be prepared for a lot of fish stories,lol. Theres only spot remaining, so let me know asap, thanks ----Larry Any more questions don't be afraid to ask, some on here will gladly help you out.
  7. Only one spot remains, you snooze you lose. I will be updating the entry list as anglers drop out or are added to the list. Thanks everyone And the menu will be decided according to the weather forecast.
  8. Of course I can, thank you gentlemen. Jacob #13 mihia #14
  9. Your #12 on the list, thanks again.
  10. We are up to 10 anglers for May 19th.


  13. With the first 6 anglers confirming the 19th of May will work into their calendars, the date is set.
  14. Your #6 thanks Emilio!