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  1. Hey, good to hear from you! I was thinking about politics and the epic battle between Kyle and Oddball over Bush-Kerry and got curious. It's great to see the forum with traffic on it. I still fish with Saskcarp occasionally.
  2. Some good tips there, sooner or later we all experience weeded fish and it's important to know how to free them up and have the presence of mind to do it.
  3. I'm surprised Fox didn't have you send it to them as soon as you told them you were having trouble with the retailer then replace it and deal with Carp Kit themselves, they've been really good to me in the past.
  4. You could dedicate that to Neil Stern, well done!
  5. My friend called and suggested we head for the river so we met out there at about 10:30. He got there shortly before I did, and within a few minutes of my arrival I began netting his fish. This continued for the rest of the session, with him catching 6 or 7 little carp and a couple of suckers. I had one dropped run and finished with the first blank of the season under my belt. He's the man who convinced me to try carp fishing back in 2000 after I'd been ridiculing him for it for several years (Where ya goin' CARP BOY? Ya goin' CARP FISHING?). I'll net fish for him all day, any day. The best was somewhere in the 10 - 12 lb range but I've seen 30's come out of there. I'm pretty happy just to get out there.
  6. That's a nice find. The best part is that your motive is caring for the elders; good man!
  7. It's nice to know you're appreciated.
  8. Things have gotten worse where I live too, I don't know what to say except that it's spoiling my sport.
  9. Red October is in the big lakes and rivers, love them all no matter where you fish and have fun.
  10. Four or five years ago I got fed up with seeing people who should know better trying to weigh carp on a scale's hook and when I tried to explain that you can't really do that to any carp over about 10 lbs without ripping their face off it wasn't very well received. My answer was to order a half dozen cheap weigh slings from England off fleabay and give them away as presents. Iirc they only cost about $5 ea but whatever it was it wasn't much. The camping airbed that leaks has a shiny side that makes a decent mat placed over a piece of foam, and a twin-size cut in half makes two so I started giving those to people I thought might use them too. Showing by example doesn't always take hold but I think it works better than just criticism.
  11. Thanks Horace, I was thinking plug (no offence) just 'cause of it's track record.
  12. Maybe someone stole the wife's iron to weight down a net - or someone pitched a murder weapon off the bridge.... thanks for sharing Horace. (Remember the lad who snagged a machine pistol?)
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