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  1. The General Public is not cool to wanton waste or the noise at night, pretty soon the avid bow fisherman runs out of ways to get rid of the fish, I remember when Alligator Gar were trashed, now they are getting re-established by state F & W across the nation, the bighead and silver "carp" population explosion hasn't helped us, and commons are lumped into the whole "asian carp" issue, the numbers of "gamefish" that get woopesd would make most fisherman livid back east they shut it down in a muskie lake because they found some floaters with arrow holes, one of our best Muskie lakes in Missouri is one of the heaviest bow fished lake in the state, I wonder how many Muskies have been woopsed there....there is room for both of our pursuits, just need more protection on some waters like at ladybird in Austin Tx...I can tell you I was Harassed at many a Venue when I openly invited people to learn about Carpfishing.....prob will again but ill be ready
  2. I have been quiet last few years, yet I have been watched carp angling grow, this forum is not as active as it was a few years ago...I hope to change that...(yeah I need to re-up my membership)...I feel compelled to get more activist as I have seen a disturbing trend in the growth of organized bow fishing a real threat because John Paul Morris, son of Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris is an avid bow fisherman with BPS getting into selling dedicated bow fishing boats,..... I can tell you that Truman lake near Warsaw and Clinton Missouri the largest lake in the state at 55,600 acres. We have seen a marked reduction in Carp and Buffalo size and numbers.... at one time fish in the 30-40 pound class were caught not so now, Table Rock lake has had a big bow tourney last few years and the size of the fish are noticeably gotten smaller once big fish where all in the upper 40's dumpsters and dumpsters of fish get composted. The public is not sold on this mass waste of fish, as well as the noise and bright lights of the bow fishing rigs, Red fisherman also have issues with this trend in coastal areas. I would like to change public view but need help...I waged a war online, to some degree of success, its time to do so again.....
  3. yes some big grassers were checked in "as a note TR is a deep clear weed free lake you dont see much weeds on this lake" 99/9999% are commons....lots of fish to be had.... again my post was ment to say "go carp fishing in the rock"......about the time we had the state CAG event in the area the local Game Warden weighed in a 44 that was thought to be the new state record...phone was always saying TR had huge fish in it
  4. yes, it was that "sporting event" yeah saw the grassie..but the pic I have is a common in the very high 40's......I never ever saw a grassie on TR.......EVER.........my post was not to inflame, but a great place for a fish in know of a few spots but thats wayne and jims stomping grounds.....huge fish to be had in TR..... most of the big fish entries were of common's lots n lots n lots of fish over 30 as a note locals were not to happy
  5. heads up guys, i have pic's unsure if i should post
  6. ok...ill re-up....just need that 50lbs-er im supposed to catch.....lol
  7. wow I havent been online in months if not a couple years! and I walk into this?..man and I was going to order some gear, and re up my membership...
  8. Last year over 1200 kids attended the event and since I am back in Mo for the moment, I am helping out handing out bait and weighing fish, if anyone wants to help promote carping I have a table and tent available, used to have a CAG banner but think fishin fred has it now..." how about a trip south fred! " any ways I know its short notice but with all the huge tornado damage and mental dread (joplin).......... all these kids can use some distraction, "parents too" it will start saturday 8:00am and run most of the day, they are stockin 500 plus channel cats, the lake has a small head of carp but they run big if you get a run it will be over 15 pounds, night fishing is available just need a free city pass available at the golf course.....other carp honey holes are available just not online kids only get to fish during the even but grown ups can help.......after its open to anyone if interested pm me asap thanks and good fishing
  9. bull shoals was where we had a couple cagi,s and everyone caught the 1st year....2nd year not as much, bull shoals water is very very high all over right now would love to see a wing ding with a good showing, thought about Chanute Ks city lake as it allows overnight fishing has a camp ground and great bank space, fish run large... average mid teens and up, due to fish feeders on the lake and a grain feed mill dumping into a ditch that runs into the lake. fished it a couple times in the fall.... did wel, numbers and size..... might be a great early summer spot for a fish in what ever happend to Doug Reed and all those St Louis guys????
  10. roll call who is still fishin this area???? fred? phone? dean o????
  11. ok reuped my membership

  12. anyone notice the top catchers pegs are at the end of a group and are getting a sw wind in thier face?????? hmmmmm see if that holds...