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  1. chris reitan

    Missouri Team Event

    Sounds interesting. Pending the date, I will fish
  2. Nice, Larry. Maybe we get adjacent pegs this time. Plenty to discuss, I'm sure.
  3. Sounds good, Frank. See everyone in less than 12 hours!!!
  4. That's exactly what I'm hoping for. Straight down. All day. ?
  5. chris reitan


    Just remember Willem, We all appreciate your efforts!!! Thanks!!!!!!
  6. Hello Larry. Where is the peg draw to take place?
  7. chris reitan


    LOL. Btw Willem, I truly believe all of your efforts are greatly appreciated by all
  8. chris reitan

    A Huge THANK YOU to Frank

    +1. Great job, Frank!!! Thank you!!!!
  9. Hello Frank. Thanks for your efforts in organizing this. I will fish. Thanks!!!!
  10. chris reitan

    2016 Kewaunne River WI CCC

    LOL, Larry. If Jerome is settling for second, guess you are ok with third?