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  1. My sincerest condolences Ol Capt to you and your family. May he rest in peace and drink from the River of Everlasting Life
  2. Find a kid they will fix it in about 3 seconds for you.
  3. Received mine today! WOW!!!! Very nice issue!
  4. PM Willem he can fix that
  5. Another great magazine, thanks everyone involved!
  6. Oh well its not the end of the world I guess! lol
  7. Lost some posts! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmao I lost over 1600 posts ! SIXTEEN HUNDRED!
  8. Woo Hoo made it to West Virginia today! Nice job fellers!
  9. Wow! I had somehow missed this! I cannot think of a better person to receive this award! Ol Capt. congrats to you! One day we will fish together with The Ultimate Carp Hound right there with us!
  10. Ok I found what your director of. Thanks
  11. Ummm ok but whats he Directing? Like Director of what?
  12. Yep they out did themselves with this issue its the best ever!
  13. Got mine today 1/23/14 in Morgantown West by God Virginia! Best issue ever!
  14. Some do use this option! I use it to keep track of those I fish with or talk to a lot or people I consider my "friends". This function allows me to find them quick to shoot off a PM, see when they have been on if I'm looking for them for one reason or another. If you are not on my list doesn't mean your not my friend its just that I probably don't interact with you a lot. I find it a useful function for keeping track of my friends!
  15. Has anyone notified them that they have possibly been/are corrupted? They are good folks and someone needs to alert them of apossible problem via email or whatever.
  16. I don't do facebook, never even looked at anything there, just don't go there ever. So for me facebook is no part of my problem unless someone got it from facebook and then gave it to me?
  17. Just a thought here, is there a possibility we all unknowingly downloaded a key reader somehow? I suffered with this fraud Easter 2yrs ago. My PC had a key reader downloaded in it. I inadvertantly sent my buddy in Indianapolis some stuff and he got hit. Traced it back somehow and it came from me in something I sent him. I had no clue I even did it or even had it??? I no longer even have that PC and just got my PC wiped clean at Best Buy after I got hit with a Child Porn Scam Virus. I assure everyone here I did not even think of looking at Child Pornography and I wasn't even looking at porn when I got hit, Me not sure what happened I went straight to the WV State Police with PC in hand. They quickly told me its a common scam going on and one Trooper told me he had even been hit with it listening to music. This virus got by Norton, I'm now running Webroot and had my PC cleaned out! Anyway we all (well maybe all) download/look at carp stuff, wonder if we downloaded a Key Reader??? We probably all look at alot of the same stuff! Maybe we picked one up??? Just a thought!
  18. Credit Card Fraud Carp Related: Wacker BCT CAG via Paypal Resistance Shop Bettys Non Carp Related: Amazon Nationwide Ins. GNC Walmart KMart Gabrial Bros. Clothing Outlet Payless Shoes Donnie's Citgo Subway Circle K (gas staion/convience store) Dicks Sporting Goods Dunhams Sporting Goods Comfort Inn Hampton Inn Gasoline (here and there local to 150 miles away) Beverly Hills Florist Galloway Florists AT&T Mobile Thats about it best I can remember, I use a Cabelas Club alot but as of earlier today no unauthorized activity)
  19. Yep I did, got my stuff quick!
  20. Question? What makes PayPal so Hack Proof? They obviously have your Credit Card Numbers when you use them. What am I missing that makes PayPal so secure?
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