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  1. Bump, Still about a week or so until the orders are placed.
  2. If anyone in the United States is interested in preordering some products from CC Moore, Trakker or Cygnet please pm me. These items will come through Big Carp Tackle. 10% off on preorders and half is due by June 1st. Shipment will arrive late summer early september. 50% plus shipping due now and 40% on time of arrival. Minimum is $100 order. Thank you!
  3. CC Moore has cleared customs and is sitting at Big Carp Tackle. Items are being inventoried and added to the site. Many items that sold out rapidly are back in stock with much greater quantities and also many new items such as the Equinox lineup are being added. Thank you for all of the support and if there are any questions about any CC Moore products please let me know.. Brian http://www.bigcarptackle.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=cc+moore
  4. Just wanted to give a heads up that the new Big Carp Tackle website has launched. The new site offers the same great service as before and a lot more user friendly controls. The site is now also smartphone friendly! http://www.bigcarptackle.com/index.php/?k=MC4wMzc1NTUwMCAxMzk2MDQ0MzM0LCwxNCwxNDg1NQ
  5. Congratulations to everyone who shared and also won!
  6. Just wanted to say thank you. Ordered my gear and had it arrive at my house two days later in PA. Great shipping rate as well.
  7. Malware , did you run a. Scan on your pc
  8. After a really great response to the first shipment of Sonik products the latest order has arrived and sold out items are now back in stock. Also the new 6000FS reel has been added to the store at a really great price of $85.95 and can be found here. http://www.bigcarptackle.com/store/product.php?productid=20673&cat=0&page=1 Also the new 8000 Tournos reels are back in stock after selling out so quickly. Thank you for the interest!
  9. I sent him a message. May take a little time for him to respond.
  10. I think Willem is at the ATC. I am sure he can work something out once he is back.
  11. The ad you see come up does it have a logo or company name on the ad? Most do , if you can let me know what it says and also what browser you use maybe I can help out. I had this happen before.
  12. Look at your programs and see anything newly installed.
  13. Bump it up to $18 to start things off from me.
  14. Thank you for all of the CC Moore preorders from the last 10% off promotion. This is last minute but for anyone wanting 10% off of either Trakker or Cygnet products there will be promotion for them as well. 50% is due now plus shipping costs and the remainder is due once it arrives. There is also a $100 minimum purchase for preorders. Send me a pm if you are interested. All orders will be coming from Big Carp Tackle! This offer is only good for one week and we are placing the order next thursday 1/30 so payment must be made by then if interested. Thank you! http://trakkerproducts.co.uk/products.php?sid=2 http://www.cygnettackle.co.uk/home.php
  15. Skammer below the post you will see choose file. It pulls up your drives so you can pick the photo. You then click attach photo. It now moves it to the right side and you have to click add to post to confirm. Hope this helps.
  16. Dave from Big Carp Tackle will still be carrying all of the current brands. A very large CC Moore order will be coming in the spring and stocked regularly as it runs out.
  17. If I had to guess it is because you are using a png file. Try changing it to jpeg and see if that works
  18. If you look in the upper right corner you will see your username with an arrow. Click the arrow so the box drops down and you click on client area. One in the client area click purchases and it will show you the CAG membership and when it expires.
  19. Ok I will give my reasoning to help explain why I started this thread. I am not a chair but I have done I think 3 fish ins the past 4 years I think it was. Sure you can do a simple one which is totally fine but the money part for me comes in when I do these things. Ok the fish in I helped with 3 years ago I chummed a very large amount of bait over a few days. Cost to me was around $100 because the lake was larger and wanted to ensure any new guys had fish in the general area for the event. Could I have not baited, sure but for me when you get some new guys come and they fish for 10 hours with no fish on a harder lake the excitement quickly turns to disappointment. Also I make up starter bags for new members at the fish ins. These again cost money. I do not mind spending the money but I am sure others may not feel the same way and that is why I am trying ideas like this to help cater to others. I usually also get some prizes to give out for big common and big mirror and then do a raffle at the event as well. I noticed when new anglers get a little something they leave with an excitement because they now have a few things to try when they go back home to fish. In PA I think it is around 7 hours from one end to the other and when you get guys driving 3 hours and blank it is nice to have something to show for in a possible door prize. Sometimes we also buy some food or drinks if we are fishing for a long time. Is all of this necessary? No it is not but this is just what has been working here for when we do a fish in. For me if all the guys leave with a great experience that carries over on their local waters. I usually try to shoot for a fish in of around 10-20 guys. We have small groups of say 3-5 that get together every so often but the gas prices have ruined getting together more so we often try to do something a little larger 2-3 times a year. Hope this explains my mentality of how we do one and why pushing for a fundraiser could help others in the same type of environment.
  20. Also the thing is more CAG members equals more funds but those funds are for the club related events, site and other things and not for fish ins so this would be separate but has the potential to raise money for the club while doing so.
  21. Ok my thoughts on this. Fundraising would allow for better well planned out events leading to more members. A fish in is a good incentive to join the group. I feel there are fewer fish ins for a few reasons. Number one is gas price. What used to be easy to drive a couple hours now turns into a good hit on the wallet so the number of fish ins went down. Also guys who used to organize them may have decided not to do them anymore and no one else took over. My thought on this for the ones I have done and help do is this. People volunteer their time and money to set them up. If there was a raffle to raise money it would remove the host of the specific fish in from using their own money to make it less painful on their wallet. This would allow it to happen annually with less thought about if they can afford it or not. The key is getting more localized groups doing this because every fish in I have been to always gets a good response from passer bys who want to try out carp fishing once they see how fun it looks.
  22. I wonder if it is possible to use one of those fundraising sites where you can paypal the site and collect money that way. The names show up on who donated and then it could just go from there.
  23. Ok I have had a lot of ideas lately. I wanted to throw this one out there and get some ideas and such on this. I have talked to some past members and the reason for leaving was the number of fish ins went from some to none in certain areas. This lead to membership loss as this played a large role in those anglers staying. here is my idea, we have been doing some behind the scenes things to grow the sport and was wondering if this was possible. Ok lets say an angler buys 1 item and wants to raffle it off for fundraising to gain a fish in fund for a specific state. Lets say in PA I raffle off a prize to raise money for a fish in. Say said item costs $20+ $10 shipping and the goal is to get $30 shipped to buy another one to raffle at a later date and also gain extra money to put towards a fish in by doubling it. The overall goal amount would be at least $60 and it would run for 1 month. Anything over the doubled amount which would be $60 is donated to cag and the $30 would be used for a fish in and the other $30 would buy the same prize to raffle again later or something of equal or great value. The idea is if one person donates to get it started in a state that money will be replenished by a raffle every time around while allowing funds to be raise for more fish ins or events. Is this something CAG is allowed to do? What is your thoughts on this 1 donate prize 2 figure out prize value plus shipping amount 3 figure out an amount for raffle say $5 per chance 4 run raffle for 1 month 5 at the end of the month the raffle amount has to be at least double the amount of the prize plus shipping 6 anything over the doubled amount goes to cag as a donation 7 set up something to keep documented amount of amount to keep to buy another prize and also the state amount allotted for a fish in, person who donated prize choose which fish in to provide funds for and the goal is to improve this single event every year to turn it into a larger and larger event. Funds for other fish ins could be done on a local level but the chosen fish in per states funds would come through this raffle system
  24. Best wishes in the future. Maybe you will reconsider later on sometime.
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