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  1. I have as much nash stuff as anyone. Ive had very few issues over the years. Saw Brummie have a chair issue a few years back, it was a poor design. One problem with Nash is they develop products to fast IMO. every year they have an upgrade to products and of course nothing is cheap from cost standpoint. If I did have a problem I would work with the US vendor and if not satisfied I would get on the phone with Nash. I would not contact some sponsored angler that gets freebies to help me solve the issue.
  2. Hello Andy, Yes everything is well and good, thanks ok
  3. Shouldnt this request be in the members only area as us forum guests will not see the Calendar anyway?
  4. Zoomie you got me on this one but I wont let it happen again!!!
  5. man...first Buckeye Bob...and then that darn Zoomie...I'm going to have to count some change and see if I got enough to keep playing with you two. ps anybody got a few bucks i could borrow?
  6. You should read about this area of the forum. People have been asked to donate(give away for FREE) to help CAG. My opinion is you shouldnt post your thoughts on an item that has been donated that you dont like. We know how you feel about fresh baits.
  7. sorry Bill... $100.00 not because of the reel but, who it comes from! and the licks by the ultimate carp hound.
  8. think ill wait until Friday 7:59p and pull an ebay move
  9. Let me say again that the guys that took the stuff are pieces of shat! What can any of us do? send ACS some cash to help cover the items? search Ga paylakes? I dont know?? In terms of sticking together I also am an ACS member fishing in the WCC so I 'm with'em Shawn, Can we go today.....
  10. I dont think Bill is B@#ching or regularly does.he says whats on his mind and I'd say there are alot of guys here that do the same. The theft occoured in Oct. and it is still being brought to the top. That shat is gone deal with it and be done. I don't say much on this forum I just read alot of guys ramblings at times, But I will speak up when I need to. Call it Bi#$ching or whatever you want, just a fact. I have stated before that I hate a thief got no use for anyone that steals but bottom line is this world has millions of them.
  11. Site looks good so far... Charlie, John and I have a bag of the Arrow puffs for you in my garage. We will bring to the Invitational.....
  12. I have bought from Royal with no problems , but I will say that I had a gift cert. from ACS and it was a little tricky to use. Shawn did a great job of talking me thru it. I used my Wacker cert's this week and had to phone the order in. No problem though. I think that gift cert. make it tricky with any online company.
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