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  1. Its time to make carping in Idaho catch on...... I am going to ask if I can put some flyers on the fishing counter at our local cabelas store.....

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    2. Idaho Carpin

      Idaho Carpin

      Im all by my lonesome so I have my work cut out for me lol

    3. Stephen Clark

      Stephen Clark

      got to be someone out there lol

    4. Gregg Martin

      Gregg Martin

      Idaho Carpin,

      Gregg is a member from Boise, sent you a message, have no idea if you recieved it as I am new to CAG and their procrss. Been at it here since 2004 when I became disallusioned with the trout crowd on local tailwaters, and also simply began to learn of and target carp. I'm here.


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