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2Rods, Quiver, Bank Sticks And Alarm

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heres the perfect intro set set with ( 2) 21/4 test curve ,11 foot , Cabelas predator rods, a chub universal quiver, 2 adjustable aluminum bank sticks and 1 blue sea brand bite alarm .

the cabelas predators are great rods capable of handling any north american carp there is, in addition to other large fish,pike, muskies large catsfish. Looking like you know what your doing is half the battle and the chub rod quiver will help you achieve that in addition to helping you get to your swim in style. will hold four rods with or w/o reels generous side pockets and center section that will easily hold a umbrella type shelter or a six foot sub sandwich :D the aluminum bank sticks are adjustable and one of them is attached to a blusea brand basic roller style bite alarm .it takes a nine volt battery ( included) and has tone and volume controls

sold as a set i pay shipping payment will be direct to the club by paypal (customerservice@carpanglersgroup.com) cags paypal account

start price $65.00 (edit bidding ends friday 11th of feb at 8 pm)




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