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The Stakes have Risen!


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To everyone entering the 2005 WCC in June..... It looks like the stakes have risen dramatically!!!! :D

$1,000,000 will be payed to anyone breaking the New York state Carp record during the tournament. Currently at 50 lbs 4 oz. Prize monies will be paid out as an annuity......details of this and all rules pertaining to the $1,000,000 State record prize to follow shortly...

Now THATS worth fishing for!!!! :D

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Guest The Kernel

News from St. Lawrence County Chamber

For more information: Kathleen Kelly, Publicist, American Carp Society, media@americancarpsociety.com, 315-764-5654, www.americancarpsociety.com


BARTLESVILLE, OK -- (01/19/2005; 1100)(EIS) -- The American Carp Society announced today that the association is placing a bounty of $1 million on a single carp which breaks the New York State record of 50 pounds, 4 ounces during the World Carp Championship (WCC) on the St. Lawrence River in Northern New York early this summer.

The chance to turn the trash fish to a treasure fish will be the first time ever such a prize has been offered anywhere in the world for a carp competition. The ability to take home $1 million is the icing on the cake in a prize pool which already includes large cash payouts and merchandise such as carp tackle and equipment.

The tournament will take place June 5-10, 2005 on the magnificent St. Lawrence River along a 35-mile course stretching from Ogdensburg to Massena in Northern New York State on the Canadian border with the headquarters located in Waddington, NY. The river is internationally acclaimed for its natural beauty and prolific numbers of gigantic carp. This is the first year the WCC will be held in the United States.

The society is coordinating the big payout with a promotions company from Reno, NV, according to David Moore, a director of the American Carp Society and the tournament administrator.

"The record breaking weight will be verified by the tournament officials on approved scales and certified as the new state record by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation," said Moore. "The prize has very specific criteria which must be met by the competitor, but there is no doubt that fish of this size can be found in the waters of the St. Lawrence River."

The organizers of the 2005 WCC want sport fishermen and casual observers to know that the much maligned carp should to be taken seriously in the United States.

"Adding this element of excitement will be spectacular for the sport," adds Wayne Boon, a director of the American Carp Society. "This definitely raises the bar for carp angling competition and sends a strong message about its future here in America."

The influx of contestants from overseas is a testimonial of the popularity of carp angling there. Teams from Austria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Holland, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Hungary and Latvia have already fulfilled their entry requirements to compete for the title of world champions. The tournament is sanctioned by the International Carp Fishing Association (ICFA) which is based in Europe and is comprised of nearly 40 member countries from around the world.

"Carp are the preferred catch in Europe and Asia, and the "catch and release" practice of carp angling bolsters recreational and tourism dollars phenomenally in foreign markets," says Sean Manning, a director of the American Carp Society. "Through our efforts in the States, we hope the sport of carp angling will gain the respect it has in the rest of the world."

Already a number of partners and sponsors have lined up with the ACS for the event. They are -- the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, Pepsi Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers, EconoLodge and Rodeway Inns, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Reuben Heaton scales, WMSA Radio and Angling Publication's International Carper magazine.

Details and registration information for the 2005 World Carp Championship can be found at http://www.americancarpsociety.com:8080/AC...ACS/2005wcc.jsp. The American Carp Society provides a broad array of services which include carp tackle and equipment, educational materials and publications, regional and national tournaments and contests.

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Oh and that $1,000,000 is being paid as a $25,000 annuity so nobody will be rich directly after the event.

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oh but you can get someone to buy the annuity if ya want it right away , true you'll not get the whole amount but you can walk with 750,000 maybe a little less, thats alot of lunch money for a while for catching a carp. :D and 25,000 for 40 years , for practicing your hobby aint too shabby either. id be happy to win and smile all the way to the bank.

the annuity is no different than the same type of thing they do for hole in one contests at golf tourneys or the guy who makes the free throw from one end of the court to another.

Ill let ya know how it is when i win it :D

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