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  1. Sold a few things today at Hains Point to local anglers, including the Daiwa Linear tournament 3.5 TC carp rod and the Free Spirit Hi-s'ive rod. Thanks guys! I'll probably be adding a few things later in the week but here's what's left: Grey's 12'-6" Distance marker float rod 50mm...I used it as a spod and catfish rod, a very powerful rod - $120 plus shipping ESP 6 rod holdall - $30 plus shipping NEW Prologic tackle box with rig board - $25 shipped NEW Korda 20mm boilie throwing stick - $15 plus shipping
  2. barbelfloat

    New PB For Me

    Cool. And I know that weight is 100% accurate because that scale was certified. Hope your success continues!
  3. barbelfloat

    New PB For Me

    Big congrats on the 40! Awesome fish!
  4. Cool...thanks for letting me know.
  5. barbelfloat

    Hains Point this Saturday

    I'm gonna be at hp this Saturday June 7th, to meet a couple local guys to sell my gear. If anyone wants to take a look and check out some cool rods and other tackle items this Saturday, PM me. Here's what I'm selling but I'll probably bring more stuff. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/53503-shimano-reels-free-spirit-his-200-and-other-items-for-sale/page-4#entry694164 Thanks, Mike
  6. barbelfloat

    Finally got that KOI

    That koi is absolutely beautiful! Lol And congrats on the pbs to everyone!
  7. Hooks and rig lot - $60 shipped This lot will not be separated so don't ask. · NEW Korda Kator choddy size 6 · NEW Korda Kaptor choddy size 6 · NEW Korda Kaptor wide gape size 4 · NEW Korda Kaptor curve shank size 4 · NEW Korda Kaptor curve shank size 6 · NEW Korda curve shank size 4 · NEW Korda curve shank size 4 · NEW Nash Coated Braid stripper · Korda Sublime Brown -15 lb (should be 70-90% full....I don't remember exactly but I know I didn't use this much) · Korda Choddy size 6 (6 hooks left in packet) · Korda Choddy size 8 (7 hooks left in packet) · Kryston Multi-Strand hooklink 25 lb (99% full) · Korda Supernatural 18lb hooklink (90% full)
  8. The person who bought the alarms didn't take the swingers so the Fox illuminated swingers are back on the market. $35 shipped The orange does not light but the red and neon light. If you fish at range, these are the swingers you want because the adjustable weights on the swingers are heavy.
  9. That is absolutely fantastic Daniel! Big congrats!
  10. Below is an update on what's available. The rods and throwing sticks I'd like to sell locally but if the buyer is willing to pay shipping, they can shipped to the USA. 12' Free Spirit Hi'S'ive - $300 plus shipping. This not the HI-S-200 which was sold but the brother of the 200 with a softer tip. Fantastic all around rod for both distance and close range. Daiwa Linear Tournament Carp rod 12' 3.5 TC - $160 plus shippingESP 6 rod holdall and prologic rod sleeve - pendingPlatic bait lot - $35 shipped CC Moore liquid attractive lot - $40 shippedNEW Prologic tackle box with rig board - $25 shippedNEW Korda 20mm boilie throwing stick - $15 plus shippingSolar Sharp Shooter throwing stick - $30 plus shipping
  11. barbelfloat

    Video of Today's Ford Lake Catches

    Great day! I think you can do 100!
  12. barbelfloat

    Carp of the Month - May 2014

    Great catches Austin and Brendan! I've never caught a fantail before. Very cool!
  13. I am deeply saddened to post that I am no longer the owner of the awesome HIS-200. It was sold today ....but all good things must eventually come to an end . My other rods may come back on the market for I have not heard from the interested parties but I'll give them some more time before doing so...
  14. Here's some pics for the Prologic tackle box. $25 shipped. The tackle box is NEW and unused. It's built with a rig board inside, pouches and tackle box.
  15. Here are some pics for the boilie throwing sticks. $15 for the Korda and $30 for the Solar sharp shooter. Shipping cost I'll have to find out. The sharp shooter is an excellent boilie throwing stick, a bit awkward at first but once you get used to it, it's the best throwing stick imo...easy on the elbows and wrists.