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  1. Conestogo Carping

    Nice one!
  2. Conservation Area Carp Fishing

    I've tried for carp there once. I didn't catch but I wasn't there very long. I have seen them in there. No fishing allowed until bass opener though.Better luck next time, Mike. Cheers for the write up.
  3. 2015 around Chicago.

    Memorable catches for sure.
  4. test

    Mods. Please remove.
  5. I agree that it's one of the best carp angling videos on YouTube. So,are Carl and Alex CAG members now, Austin?
  6. November Gift

    Beuty weather for sure. Some nice commons to top it off.
  7. FFF 2016 - REGISTER HERE!

    Name:Mark Maher Username: hairwig Residence and venue- Ontario. Not a junior. Thank you, Frank.
  8. Kitchen Sink! Part Duh!

    We have the same rod law here in Ontario . Good session. Your efforts paid off.
  9. Nice one,guys.
  10. Maise? Hempseed? Where to buy?

    Hi Paul. I buy my bulk baits at Minor brothers in Winona. They sell egglayer, cracked and whole corn as well as pigeon seed. BBig Al's usually only sells floating pellets but you can always phone them. Another option is the flavourd deer corn sold at Sail or other places that sell hunting supplies. October and early November are prime time in our area. Good luck.
  11. Fall Big4: the bar is set...

    Nice fish,Jerome!I see you still have the sun tan you received in Hamilton.
  12. potential virus on the site?

    I immediately smelled a rat so I shut the computer down right away. I don't want to open it at the moment. Concerned I'll get screwed.
  13. potential virus on the site?

    I logged in today and was directed to a survey about the CAG? Anyone else seen this? I hope it's not a problem... I posted this on my phone just in case.
  14. Pigeon Feed prep

    Not essential to soak it first but you can pre-soak it then slow boil after. It can go very starchy/ thick if you boil it too long. If that does happen just rinse it off. Its an excellent particle to use.
  15. Looks like a great day.