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  1. Georgia Fall Fish-in

    It's THIS Saturday (10/21). Hope to see you there... but if possible, let me know in advance so I'll have a head count for food.
  2. Possum & Dunkel Fall Fantastic

    Yes, Carping is fun on its own. But it's the sharing time on the bank with good friends that makes it really special. Good job!
  3. Georgia Fall Fish-in

    Just one week from this Saturday. So far it appears that we'll have around 1/2 dozen there, but still hoping for more.
  4. Two PBs busted in one session!

    NICE!!! WTG!
  5. A quick introduction and my PB carp

    Cool job! Welcome aboard.
  6. CAG Big Four goldfish!!

    Of course you did, Tony!!! All of us here in Georgia know you as the "Turtle King". I think you'd be disappointed if you didn't catch at least one turtle every time you fish.
  7. Georgia Fall Fish-in

    Saturday, October 21, 2017 Salacoa Creek Park, Ranger, GA (Gordon County) Click on the event in the CAG Calendar for more details. PM me, or email me (bshildn@yahoo.com) if you have any questions.
  8. "Hurricane" carping

    I love to fish, Tony, but you're either far more dedicated -- or else just a bit crazier -- than I am. Regardless, it would seem that your adjustment to the extreme condition was spot on! Nice!
  9. Unusual double!!

    Re-reading this post, I noticed that you pointed out that the gar hit your corn "as you were reeling it in". That reminded me of a largemouth bass I caught many years ago -- early 1960's -- while fishing for carp with dough balls. Back in those days it was common to fish a rig with a "bank" sinker tied at the end of the line, with two loops tied roughly 6" to 1' above the sinker, to which two snelled hooks would be attached. Then we'd put doughballs on the two hooks. The dough we used in those days would last for about 1/2 hour, so if we didn't have a bite, we'd reel in, re-bait and recast. Most of the time what little dough was left on the hook would wash off as we reeled. One day, as I was reeling in to re-bait, a largemouth of about 1-1/2 pounds struck one of my hooks. That puzzled me for a while, until I realized that I was picking up some slimy pond weed as I reeled -- and the moving hook with the green mossy weed very closely resembled a small green sunfish. I can only assume that's why that bass hit my "empty" hook.
  10. Dry Dog Food ?

    Sadly, last fall we had to say goodbye to the rescue dog we had for the past 10 years. I recently discovered a sizable amount of her dry dog food still in the basement, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I could use it for carp fishing. It's a high-protein, low fat blend, so my first thought was to grind it in the food processor, and then maybe use it in a boilie mix. This afternoon I did "process" it, and it yielded a full gallon bucket of pulverized dog food. Unfortunately, the texture of the results didn't come out very fine. In fact, the overall texture is fairly coarse, even without the small chunks that remain. Bottom line, I'm not sure how well it would work in boilies. My concern is that they may not hold together very well. If, as I suspect, this doesn't work well for boilie making, does anyone have any other good ideas how I can use it? I hate to waste that high protein mix for spodding, or even for use in method mix, but I will, unless someone gives me some better ideas. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. The beauty of bread

    Nice write-up, Tony. Thanks! You convinced me to go look at some U-tube videos to get some more info about fishing bread flake.
  12. Unusual double!!

    That's a very cool double!!! I've never landed a gar, but I've hooked them on minnows when fishing for other species.
  13. Green Lane- Deep Creek Lake Report

    Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely be aware of the limitations of the rods, even though "I THINK" the ones I bought are fiberglass, not graphite, so they should be reasonably forgiving. Glass rods usually (not always) tolerate more abuse than comparably priced graphite rods. I don't think they could sell even a cheaply made 11' graphite rod for $15. Plus, I will probably continue using the 8# main line (or go to 10# as an absolute maximum), so if stressed, the line would probably break before the rod. I'll know better how they hold up the next time I go somewhere with larger fish -- provided I can connect with a few of them on this tackle. If I find a problem (like you described) I will keep my eye out for sales on the rods you mentioned. Good advice! The Shimano reels with the Fightin'Drag Lever sound interesting, but I've fished for carp with spinning tackle since the 1960's - before baitrunners existed - so I'm accustomed to adjusting and re-adjusting the drag. Fifty years ago I used both spinning tackle (Mitchell 300s) and knuckle-buster baitcasters for my carp fishing. But more recently, I started using the inexpensive Shimano rear drag reels (for about 8 years, off and on) and I also have a set of Bass Pro "Megacast" rear drag reels. BTW, the drags on my Shimano reels all seem to be smoother and more consistent than the drags on my BPS reels.
  14. Green Lane- Deep Creek Lake Report

    As an inexpensive attempt to try "feeder" fishing, I bought two 11-foot "crappie" rods for $15 each at Academy Sports, and equipped them with Shimano Quickfire rear drag reels spooled with 8# mono (including the line, less than $35 per rod). So far I've caught a few small grassers up to about 6 pounds, and some very small commons on them (that's about the max for the fish in the ponds where I've tried them). The point is that the smaller fish can give a decent fight on this lighter tackle -- BUT, despite the limber tip, unlike an UL trout rod, these rods appear to have enough backbone to handle a fish that's good bit larger, should I hook one unexpectedly, or fish in other waters.
  15. On the bank again!

    You introduced your boy to the world of carp angling and caught a few good fish. Nothing better! Well done!