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  1. night fishing

    Went out to fish a small lake with Zirjacks and AJ , first time night fishing in KS. A very pleasant evening multiple carp and catfish caught. Had a difficult time with the police when asked what I was doing at the lake at 3am, I guess the local rangers forgot to tell the police!!! All ended well.

  3. New lake is producing!!

    has a good year with the Grassy's this year hear is a couple from this trip. The biggest one weighed in at 35lb.
  4. Hello Pete,

    hope you don't mind the random message but I was after some information about Lake Marburg or the surround area. 

    Im coming over for a family wedding and I'm turning into an excuse to go carping for two weeks in America. 

    As hard as I've tried, I've only found basic info on the fishing in the area, I'm staying in New Freedom PA, and I'm starting to ask any poor soul I can find and bother for anything worth casting a line at haha

    a lot of people say the average stamp of carp are pretty low for Marburg but your 30 hopefully proves there's a few boxes ones to be had. 


    Any basic info on what depths I should be looking for or areas to start off in would be a great help. I'm flying over in two weeks so it's a last ditch attempt before going in blind as a bat lol  Cheers 

  5. Grassie

    Let me know will try to join u
  6. Grassie

    Yes I was there from 6am to 9am this morning.
  7. Grassie

    I am on a long term contract in Kansas City and have had my gear in town a couple of months now, popped out this morning and the day started as usual Cattie after Cattie, then just reeled a Cattie in on one rod and the other alarm started to go , usual panic unhook one, get net ready, play other rod. Nice surprise a big Grassie.
  8. Hi I am on a long term assignment to KC and live in leawood, fishing gear arrived last week , if you get out over any weekend let me know will try to join if not traveling.


    take care 



  9. The Legend of Bob

    did manage to get a 30's from there today, still looking for Bob.
  10. After walking a small lake near my home, i noticed the bubbles were prolific near the weeds about 3 feet from the bank, after a quick depth check ( it was about 5 feet) i set up the float and started to stalk in the weeds. hooked into a small catfish, followed by a Tench................Then the float disappeared and i was into a big fish.......it ripped out line to the middle of the lake........after about 30mins i managed to get it in the net......great looking fish didn't weigh it but had to be around the 30's. Float fishing is great for margin targeted fishing.
  11. ZachATree's Picture blog.

    nice updates Zach, keep em coming.
  12. Thanks for taking me out and get well soon so we can go again.
  13. The Legend of Bob

    Thanks to Cubzzz for helping me to find some local waters, one of our waters has a legend of a fish called Bob, the legend says its big 40lbish. I have fished this water three times and Bob has yet to show up, one local told me he looks at you from the depths and laughs....... I did enjoy catching many Tench ( over 20 in one sitting) and a 28lb common. If your reading this Bob, i am comin to get yer. Once again thanks to everyone for helping me in the area especially Cubzzz.
  14. Carp At Lake Tahoe

    yes that is Pyramid, not sure about carp there either the local Indians will list all of the fish, they do have some very rare fish. http://www.pyramidlakefisheries.org/fishmap/fishtips.html There is a big lake with lots of carp PM me.
  15. To the Editor: —I have a pond on my farm and I would like to put some German carp in it. Where can I get some ?—C. W., Santa Cruz. This fish has proved a great disappointment in California. Most of those who have introduced it to their ponds and streams have deeply regretted it. This fish is so poor that, unless one can command the service of a French chef in the preparation of it, its use as food has been practically abandoned. People along the sloughs of the great interior rivers declare that it is one of the worst things that has ever been introduced, and has displaced to a certain extent better fish. It is much better to stock a pond with trout. If, however, you desire carp, perhaps you can get them from Mr. Poppe of Sonoma, who was one of the original introducers and may still have the stock available. We would like to hear from any reader who has found carp desirable. http://cdnc.ucr.edu/cgi-bin/cdnc?a=d&d=PRP19010511.2.6.4#