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  1. Skammer

    Bad Break

    I haven't seen this doe since I posted the vid of her on July 20 th. Yesterday she showed up & her leg looks worse than ever. She can put some weight on it but has a terrible limp. [/img] [/img] I hope someone takes her during the upcoming season. I think she will have a hard time surviving the winter.
  2. Skammer

    A Hole In One

    Looked out my bedroom window this AM & saw this doe with a hole through her tenderloins. It's archery season here & it looks like an arrow passed right through & left a gaping hole. Also looks like it was hit from the ground & not from a tree stand. The deer seems fine though & will probably survive. They are resilient creatures. Chit happens! Video is very grainy on the close up, I was shooting the vid through a window.
  3. Skammer

    Fall Carping

    Nice going! Fall can produce some great fish. The best day I ever had was in mid October when I landed 22 fish that had a total weight of 436 lbs. Winter certainly shuts down the carpin here when the lakes & rivers ice over & that's when I send all my reels out for cleaning & maintainence.
  4. Skammer

    Possum and Dunkel At It Again

    Nice looking spot & some awesome catches!
  5. Skammer

    Old Guys A It Again

    I try to rebait about every hour or so because I'm thinking the small fishes of all types will eat up the contents of the PVA mesh offerings.
  6. JiggerJim & I fished our favorite lake again yesterday. We banked 8 fish & broke the 20 lb mark again. Slow day but when you get any fish out of a lake that goes over 20 lbs, it's a good day!
  7. Skammer

    Carp, Small Mouth Buffalo, and Catfish

    Any time your arm is sore from catching fish, you had a great day!
  8. Fished with JiggerJim yesterday again in a spot we had good luck last week. Not much good luck this time . We only landed 6 fish & all were on the very small side.
  9. Skammer

    more mirrors

    You are certainly good at capturing some extra stunning mirrors! NICE!
  10. Skammer

    New mirror PB

    I fished with jiggerJim again yesterday. We fished a different area on the lake. We landed a total of 12 fish. One of them was my new PB for mirrors. My previous PB mirror was 17 lbs. The new PB is a little over 22 lbs & a gorgeous fish. My PB common is a 40 lb 5oz. We had two fish over 20 lbs so that new spot really paid off. Jim left at 5 PM & took the bite with him. I stayed 'till 6.30 & didn't get another hit.
  11. Skammer

    Possums Slow Day Fall Day

    One fish is always better than none & that capture is a dandy! I like the shore line pic with the rod set up.
  12. Skammer

    Lake Erie

    I have to agree with Jerome even on the smaller lakes. I have been fishing on very calm days when the bite was slow but when the wind kicked up the carp went crazy. I also think the stirring up of the bottom has a lot to do with it. looks like the rest of your day was good.
  13. Skammer

    Two Old Guys Catchin Some Fish

    Thanks to all for the kind words. We always have a fun time when we fish even if we blank. Jerome....We are fishing a state park in Luzerne county.
  14. I hooked up with jiggerJim yesterday for some carpin. I had my lines in at 5.20 AM & Jim showed up a little before 9. We didn't get any hits until noon. We ended up with a total of 19 fish & I quit at 7 so all the fish came in 7 hrs.