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  1. SoCalCarper

    FFF 2019 - Your Winners, Awards, and Prizes

    Yeah that’s the first thing I told him amazing of all days New Years usually that tells us how are year goes we have caught another 30 since then and a 29 and some change. Year is going well so far
  2. SoCalCarper

    2019 CAG CTX Throwdown - *New Format*

    Nice 👍🏼 might have to put wet sling not soaked and full of water as water weight can put a couple pounds! 😜
  3. SoCalCarper

    FFF 2019 - Your Winners, Awards, and Prizes

    thanks frank for another success FFF had fun on the bank with my brother. it was his birthday carp and was glad he caught that 30lber beautiful fish in person too>
  4. Mr carp and I enjoying the sunrise
  5. SoCalCarper

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Years tight lines happy banking
  6. SoCalCarper

    Winter creek carpin!

    great angling nice fish its hard to say no all year no matter if the weather is hot or cold the fight at the end of the rod nothing compares to it. Happy holidays
  7. SoCalCarper

    FFF 2019 - Register Here!

    Your name: Cristian Your CAG forum name: SoCalCarper Your state or province of residence: TX The state or province of your FFF 2019 fishing venue: TX Thank you for continuing to put this together year after year. Its greatly appreciated Cristian
  8. SoCalCarper

    ct state record

    awesome fish cant wait to catch one in the 40s. 30s fight awesome 40 will be out of this world
  9. SoCalCarper

    Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx Social

    Awesome trip great fish
  10. SoCalCarper


    sessions one can dream of great job! i cant wait to get back out
  11. SoCalCarper

    First day CAG- PB mirror!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great fishing awesome mirror
  12. SoCalCarper

    Starting the BIG 4 with a BIG BANG!

    Nice those hand size ones are awesome
  13. SoCalCarper

    2018 CAG Ohio Huron River, Lake Erie Results

    Great fish in awesome results
  14. SoCalCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Great fish guys
  15. SoCalCarper

    Caught a Beautiful Koi

    Great job Rex awesome fish