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  1. SoCalCarper

    Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx Social

    Awesome trip great fish
  2. SoCalCarper


    sessions one can dream of great job! i cant wait to get back out
  3. SoCalCarper

    First day CAG- PB mirror!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great fishing awesome mirror
  4. SoCalCarper

    Starting the BIG 4 with a BIG BANG!

    Nice those hand size ones are awesome
  5. SoCalCarper

    2018 CAG Ohio Huron River, Lake Erie Results

    Great fish in awesome results
  6. SoCalCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Great fish guys
  7. SoCalCarper

    Caught a Beautiful Koi

    Great job Rex awesome fish
  8. SoCalCarper

    Official 2018 Fall Big 4 LOGO

    Thanks Willem
  9. SoCalCarper

    Minnesota 2018 Fall Fish In-Results

    Thanks for sharing with us awesome thing your doing involving children
  10. SoCalCarper

    Champion of the Queen Award - Barry Howard

    Great choice I’m glad he got it I met him at the ATC great guy very dedicated thank you Barry
  11. Thank you happy banking
  12. SoCalCarper

    Using New Pack Bait

    Great capture👌🏼👍🏼
  13. Great capture! 👍snapping turtles are fun have caught two by hand while fishing a baby and the parent I would think!
  14. SoCalCarper

    CT Open Carp Tournament 2018

    Awesome sounds great to bad I used all my vacation time already😤