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  1. I got 24 on Bivvy and 6 for this one
  2. Your most preferred Mainline

    Korda subline. Tubing first 16 inches if I need to lay it down more

    That was a great video thanks
  4. Chad LaFavor

    My deepest condolences to you and your family Ol Captain
  5. Scales and Tourney Certification

    Np thank for taking into consideration see you guys soon
  6. 2018 ATC T-Shirts

  7. ATC Itinerary

    Thanks again for throwing it
  8. South Eastern Connecticut

    Good luck you have many people in CT where though idk hope you can get with someone as there is some very talented fishermen your way
  9. Marchin carp!

    Nice ones that’s a deadly rig there one of my favorites. Fish like to hold up in bridges for the most part I’ve noticed that it a path well traveled by carp when sourcing for food thru out the day
  10. Scales and Tourney Certification

    Are you guys going to end up doing to weights at certification or just one?
  11. 2018 ATC T-Shirts

    This shirt is nothing but greatness will have to order more then 1 thanks for putting this as the design this year
  12. First MN carp of 2018

    Great looking spot nice fish
  13. February canal fishing

    Nice ones

    Each team when they weigh the other team catches, when the pegs are close enough are responsible when taking the other teams weight. It’s up to the other team to clamp down on it really which you hope everyone does. When pegs are to far a weigh Marshall weighs the fish it is also the marshalls job to make sure it’s zeroed before weighed. See you soon

    appreciate the response see you soon bro