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  1. SoCalCarper

    Champion of the Queen Award - Barry Howard

    Great choice I’m glad he got it I met him at the ATC great guy very dedicated thank you Barry
  2. Thank you happy banking
  3. SoCalCarper

    Using New Pack Bait

    Great capture👌🏼👍🏼
  4. Great capture! 👍snapping turtles are fun have caught two by hand while fishing a baby and the parent I would think!
  5. SoCalCarper

    CT Open Carp Tournament 2018

    Awesome sounds great to bad I used all my vacation time already😤
  6. SoCalCarper

    Big 4 rules

    Top ten finishers was cool 😎. Maybe even a few winners from each zone I wasn’t no where near the top but some people in some zones had spectacular fish The results spoke for themselves but didn’t get anything. Maybe next time hats off to all the participants and organizers sometimes mistakes are made. 🍻
  7. SoCalCarper

    Big 4 rules

    I wouldn’t call any anglers lazy some effort and thought has to be put in no matter the situation. Some people try their best but it doesn’t always work out. I live not to far from one of the “best lakes in the USA” i don’t agree 100% about that but big fish still get caught here and there. I didn’t fish as often as I would had like during the big4 but the effort was there. 😎 I don’t know if there was any problems but it sounds like it.
  8. SoCalCarper

    2018 CCC schedule

    Sounds awesome 😎
  9. SoCalCarper

    Solar Globetrotter Pod for sale

    i have the same one nice sturdy pod very versatile. you have the tri post on it which didn't originally come with it only 1 did i think 2 is event better the back should be a single post with a buzz bar
  10. SoCalCarper

    So I Broke My Carp Rods...

    great bunch of fish excellent angling
  11. SoCalCarper

    Junior Tournament Aug 2018 - St Lawrence River

    One day i hope to make it and help in this event it’s a goal of mine. Kids got sick and had to take to much time off hopefully soon
  12. SoCalCarper


    Went out saturday and caught 1 my brother caught 2. Heres my 1 at 31lbs caught on my new rods so slowly taking the blank stink out of them
  13. SoCalCarper

    New (New) PB Grasser again!

    Wow🤯 awesome grasser!