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  1. Georgia Carp USA

    nice catch
  2. This weeks carp-beautiful mirror!

    that is a beauty congrats
  3. Team List

    @djkleen02 can help on reserve list. maybe contact some of the guys on here without team mates yet
  4. FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Your name: Cristian Torres YourCAG forum name: SoCalCarper Your state or province of residence: TX The state or province of your FFF 2018 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/18)?: No going to try to make it out thank you for continuing to keep up with this and make it possible with or without prizes it worth the time for me great concept
  5. Epic Vacation Session!

    great fish i need a vacation session like this one day
  6. BIG 4 Fall 2017 - Bragging Thread

    dream session
  7. ATC 2018 Rules

    Each two-person team may fish anywhere within half the distance of opposing team pegs, ( this means the casting distance, you may not physically walk to and fish in the other teams peg) including pegs on the other side of the lake (you must, however, be in the same Zip Code & County). half way between the other teams peg you'll be ok sometime you see a sweet spot to cast you can cast from outside as long as you dont cast in there waters half way between both pegs max
  8. Throw back pic 06!

    Pics are great brings back memories here locally
  9. Mirror Carp..?

    ive caught thousands and thousands of carp and not a single mirror yet i will never give up. you don't either it'll be that much better when you do same with me i still cant wait.
  10. BIG 4 Fall 2017 - Bragging Thread

    Congrats great fish

    holding carp by the eyes seem harder then just putting your hand under it lol they are half ways there. i would go if i live near by they might learn something about fish safety since its a business i wouldn't doubt they'll definitely be interested in keeping there fish in better condition
  12. wish i could make it ill be in michigan that week but that day ill be in my brothers wedding