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  1. so no more than 48hrs correct so 2 days? or 5 max? It'll l be all during competition
  2. great angling couldnt see the photos but great job either way
  3. No problem just letting you know we’ve all been there
  4. SoCalCarper

    New reel

    You can’t go wrong with windcast they are awesome I love them I’ve owned many reels bait runners and quick drag and they are one of my favorites apart from the daiwa tournament iso’s Which are a dream but I do fish with the windcast every time I can
  5. SoCalCarper

    New reel

    Awesome congratulations on a great session has been a while since I had one like that
  6. At Emma yes great spot but you have to work for the fish decker is grassy as well year round parking is super close good luck 👍🏼 . many people will give you a hard time about properly holding the fish as you can damage it’s mouth the way you hold them in your pics especially the big one two hands will be great hope to see you out there
  7. SoCalCarper

    New reel

    Good luck breaking the skunk off a new reel is usually the hardest thing to do at first
  8. Lake Austin city park has campsites 🏕 it’s online reservations. No camping or overnight fishing in ladybird. decker lake if you want to catch some great size buffalo parking is close to the water but it’s all grass
  9. Great to hear👍🏼
  10. Congratulations that’s definitely a fish of a lifetime wow
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