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    holding carp by the eyes seem harder then just putting your hand under it lol they are half ways there. i would go if i live near by they might learn something about fish safety since its a business i wouldn't doubt they'll definitely be interested in keeping there fish in better condition
  2. wish i could make it ill be in michigan that week but that day ill be in my brothers wedding
  3. When can you say you have caught a fish?

    agreed with this but at some tournaments because of the way carp feed they count it as long as its between a 1/2 inch from the mouth
  4. Nice Brace tonight!

    Nice ones
  5. CAG Spring Big4 Prizes

    great captures Trilogy baits have some awesome products andy is a genius
  6. Another swim

    tha last one on the bottom right will be a monster one day the paddle on it is ridiculous
  7. On the bank again!

    great fish nothing more enjoyable then family time
  8. Minnesota Fish In. July 29

    great results those are sessions of a lifetime i havent caught that many fish in one day in years
  9. Unusual double!!

    nice fish that gar is cool to. i went fishing on my bday a couple months ago and caught a big soft shell turtle weighed around 6lbs
  10. Green Lane- Deep Creek Lake Report

    nice fish 24in is a good size
  11. New naca

    This was a great read great contributions. Reading about the pass brothers was Great too. I remember long ago when they were young and just getting into carping the determination they had towards carping was incredible and it was a matter of time before they continue to advance. It was Great to hear the background story. Wayne's article was amazing so was his pictures. Great NACA magazine would've been worth to be in print!!!
  12. New naca