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  1. Congratulations that’s definitely a fish of a lifetime wow
  2. welcome back steve glad to have members come back to the forum and the club thabnk you
  3. SoCalCarper

    Carp Guides?

    to target big carp here through a guide is hard but the locals here in Austin all go to a lake here where there is large small mouth buffalo your chances on hooking up on one are 100000x better. here is some central https://austincarpangler.com/guiding/ https://www.austincarpguide.com/ Dallas https://carpprotexasguideservice.com/contact/
  4. Yes sir we will! glad you’re there for your parents family and health before anything.
  5. Yes definitely they did a great job it was cool to meet them. Nice to see you still around maybe will see each other again one day
  6. Happens everywhere when someone put hard work sweat and tears in a spot specifically a unknown swim! for someone just to go to it and take it and blow it up to the angling community when they are still working on it, it can cause many problems. There is hundreds of known spots but some people go out of their way to find these “special spots” that someone actually worked to produce. I make many spots around the lake and for someone to try everything they can to just find it instead of working one or just asking will be a problem too. It’s like bait many people have their own recipes that they won’t share it’s one thing to promote it’s another to take someone’s hard work....
  7. Nice I though it’ll have some CAG alongside the Aca logo. Not in the the back like a sponsor.
  8. Yeah that’s the first thing I told him amazing of all days New Years usually that tells us how are year goes we have caught another 30 since then and a 29 and some change. Year is going well so far
  9. Nice 👍🏼 might have to put wet sling not soaked and full of water as water weight can put a couple pounds! 😜
  10. thanks frank for another success FFF had fun on the bank with my brother. it was his birthday carp and was glad he caught that 30lber beautiful fish in person too>
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