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  1. Hi Willem

    I've never got any of the newsletters :( I spoke to Ed Wagner and he told me to talk to you.

    Just checked my profile and my address is correct. Can you check what's wrong ?

    Thanks and tight lines 

    Luis M Angelo

  2. Did happened to me too, credit card company called and got a new card. I have purchased stuff from all vendors pretty much, but not lately, uhhhhmmm The lady from the cc company just mention something from Grupon but never got charged. How safe is Pay-pal and aren't they responsible if something like this happens ??
  3. That's a beauty, congrats
  4. My Fav !!!! Monster Just colorfull...lol
  5. Scott shouldn't you been sending an aplication for Wonderbread sponsorship instead ?????
  6. now i know the reason that Scott only freelines bread he eats all the boilies
  7. i was lucky enough to spend one weekend with Alex on the St Lawrence it was a blast on the ordering departement, i've never had a problem, matter a fact i have to put one in to try to replace the items that got stolen
  8. you guys have fun up there to bad i can not make it
  9. Karl i belive if you could had help that lady even more you would have done it i'm with Mark on this one, you did the right thing i know that is dificult sometimes after this situations, but cheer up mate lots of better days in front of you
  10. it's been kind of slow for me in Jersey, but the boilies are doing the job i'm fishing with the mono from Royal since the begining of the season and i really love it, awesome line and all the people that had that chance to to use my throwing stick loved it too and it is a very strong one and good price on it too
  11. Paul to bad that my budget it's running on fumes this year i would like to do some pole fishing one of this days i miss that, ok ok sometimes
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