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  1. Hey Buddy Text me (1-773-668-5553)

  2. I'm in trouble! I'm at work and just spent an hour looking at these ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PICTURES! I live and see Chicago everyday and forget how many beautiful swims there are available. wow! Thanks guys! I really have to go. later
  3. You are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Andy! See you next week in Austin. later
  4. Yes Al, I've converted to boilies(partly) but still haven't had a 30 either. Hit 29-8 AGAIN last winter in the winter league in February. Andy's goodies work wonderfully and you'll be happy using them .I juggled the league schedule to make Baldwinsville possible. I'm trying to arrange a trip there for this spring's events. Hope to see you there. later
  5. Can we get it before the ATC? Sorry Andy, might haffta whoop you with your own stuff.
  6. After watching this stuff in action, I'd be a fool NOT to! I'll take 2 of each. Thanks Andy
  7. Looking forward to meting you at the ATC

  8. Hello fellow carpers, Tracy here. Thanks for the response King. That's some of the info that I think is needed to "right the ship". I think CAG was moving too fast and lost balance. I believe it's was meant to support and lead to getting Carp the title of "sportfish". Most American fishermaen don't have a clue what their missing and for some that's a good thing. Keeping it to ourselves doesn't serve that purpose. Changing the minds that have done what they do for so long is not going to be easy. The rest of the world is right about carp. It's the individual member that has the ability to alter that thinking one conversation at a time. King even though your not a member doesn't mean that your not wanted or appreciated. Just by fishing for them supports the sport. If Americans spent the same amount of time, money and effort that's spent on "other" gamefish in their upkeep, the fishing for carp would be even better than the memories you have stored. I think "We" can do this but most likely one person at time. The struggle continues. Just my 2 cents. Later
  9. Always had good luck with them and met Andy once. Great guy and company. Highly recommended!
  10. awesome!! I've seen rods do the missle thing at that venue but never had a camera ready.
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