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  1. Colin and I will be running an optional $20/20/10 side pot again for anyone that is interested. Big fish, Big four, Big mirror (if no mirrors are caught it will go to the smallest recorded fish)...it worked out rather well for His Royal Highness last time...see you there!
  2. I’m delighted it is back on the Hudson! Hugely successful event last year! The most important thing (for me anyway) is that almost everybody caught...making the drive and the hotel worthwhile for those that ventured. There was over a 1000lb of carp caught if memory serves me correctly...
  3. Thanks for the corrections...I get my Alleghenys mixed up with my Monongahelas occasionally these days!...Ha! .it’s been a few years! I only ever took part in the Oil City event, I believe it was one of the organizers who told me about the numbers...regardless, it indicates a substantial number of people who are at least casually interested in carp angling in the area...and it would be great to see something of that scale take place again!
  4. Are you on Facebook John? If so then connect with Ray Corcoran...he should be able to help...Also, I’m not sure if it still happens but they used to run a huge carp and catfish event on the Monongahela River out of Oil City PA...with as many as 400+ Anglers of all ages taking part...I’d be interested in taking part if you get this event off the ground...and I know a bunch of guys from PA would be as well...
  5. On the positive I have some suggestions for your next article: Relieving neck ache when carp angling. Interesting things to do when blanking. Netboy for the day. A change of direction...Re-evaluating the golf experience... Ok...that's enough from me...it happens to us all...I went from winning the Ed French one year to almost dead last the following year...that's fishing!
  6. Hit me up if you ever need any carp fishing tips.....
  7. I hate to get all pedantic on you Iain but the big four winner, and North American Carp Champion was Val Grimley (unless the results changed after the presentation??). Also, the section winners were determined by the big four fish, not total weight as listed here. Mike Dragone won B section not the overall big four. Apologies if the results did change after the presentation but if not I hope you haven't put yourself forward for the Treasurers position....Hahaha! Seriously though...thank you and all involved in putting together a great and successful carp angling event...
  8. maninblack

    Carp King

    Blimey! Well...if I could place a bet on it I would have a few shekels on the NY guys...and anyone who has fished the venue before...
  9. maninblack

    Carp King

    The local guys have to be favorite but I'm also hoping for a New England win...?
  10. You just missed it...it was only six years ago...
  11. Great work Larry in creating a memorable event for many!
  12. maninblack

    2017 CCC

    Which hotel is closest to the Pegasus Restaurant?
  13. The original post is from 6 years ago...they still have the tournaments once a month during the summer...they are open to anyone, membership not required...if you look for Ritchie Eldridge on Facebook he will have more details when the next one is etc...
  14. Any further progress on the CCC yet? I know of at least two, possibly three, former members that will sign up for this if it happens..
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