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  1. Great work Larry in creating a memorable event for many!
  2. Yep...I floated the idea and Jason responded very positively...Wisconsin would be great as well! It might not be a bad idea to plan ahead for a couple of years? Dates set etc? Just a thought...
  3. Like I said on another thread, Jason at Baldwinsville/WCC is open to the idea..
  4. As regards to Baldwinsville I floated the idea of working with CAG for the CCC. Jason is open to the idea so perhaps this option could be explored by CAG BOD? It would be great to have the CCC on the countries premier carp catching venue and make the long journey, time and expense be worth it for those prepared to travel there...it should boost attendance and possibly attract new members? In my opinion, being the oldest, the CCC should be restored to the most prestigious event of the carp angling year...
  5. Just for the record, I wouldn't recommend anyone, however skilled, try a self repair on any of the newer Fox alarms...the watertight seal on them is errrrr....excellent...
  6. Seneca River, Baldwinsville, New York...
  7. Baldwinsville! Someone build a bridge between CAG and the WCC...best tournament/high pressure venue we know of in my opinion...even when it's rough there it's better than most other places...and when it's good it's brilliant! We finished in ELEVENTH place in the spring...with ten fish averaging 24lb+....think about that!
  8. Didn't work for my iPad...said something about having to wait for some considerable time or something like that that I have never encountered before...
  9. I really enjoyed the diversity of coverage and perspectives...reflective of the carp angling 'scene' over here I think...and it not being overloaded with product placement and hard sell is always a plus for me...Great work Dean and Co..Keep it up!
  10. Here's a couple. Why is it that there are so many experts in carp angling? And, perhaps more pertinent, how is it that no two experts ever agree?? Just pulling yer leg....
  11. As far a customer service goes the "truth" is almost irrelevant...what you have is an unhappy customer, the company can choose to weigh up the financial repercussions of replacing an item and making that customer happy (and loyal), against the, on average (by research) ten other customers (and so on by word of mouth) that it will lose due to the bad egg... Glad to be of service Craig!
  12. Wow...what cheapskates Nash Tackle are..especially when you consider the minimal manufacturing cost... I'd treat them the same way and order a new rod, swap the broken joint out for the new section and then ship it back and say it was broken in shipping...and then demand your money back....make sure you ship it back to them in rubbish packaging for maximum comedic value....
  13. Blimey....there was an attempt on my account on Saturday for $1200...in Denmark..and some other shenanigans in the UK....Johnson Ross, Resistance Tackle And BCT are the only vendors I have used....
  14. Are you running another themed issue? If so what is the theme? I might come up with something ...
  15. Have you thought about contacting the Guiness book of World Records?
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