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OFFICIAL 2014 DIXON Family Carp Derby Thread


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Looks like you put in a lot of time to plan and execute this event. Raffle???? The state of Tennessee passed a law several years ago that just about killed raffles. Many sports clubs used them for raising money. Our sports club raised over $2K each year with a raffle for a shotgun (all local, state, federal laws applied to the winner). Now- one year advance notice with application to the state PLUS a $500 permit to hold the raffle.

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It's a Free raffle for those who fish the event. There is no additional charge. It's just a random way to distribute donated prizes, rather than section prizes or time based prizes.....It helps keep folks there till the end on the awards ceremony.

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How many are entered in the "pro'" division and how many do you expect? Based on last year's entrants, 20 participants would seem to be on the high side?

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How many are entered in the "pro'" division and how many do you expect? Based on last year's entrants, 20 participants would seem to be on the high side?

Actually, the responce has been pretty good and alot of local anglers have wanted to have a multi-fish based event. There is no pre-registration so I have no totals, just the knowledge of who is an advanced angler. The seperation of skill levels will be the format going forward at Dixon and at any new events I work with to help develop new anglers.

If more participate, the more likely funding will be added to/shifted to the Advanced Division to grow that side of the event.

Hope you can make it.

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Ray at Bunnie's bait and tackle called and said water levels are back to normal for a couple weeks now and should be close to perfect if we get a little rain Monday or Tuesday.

Will post pics of the Trophys and the Grand Champions Silver Cup on Tuesday.

Looks like a good turn out based on the number of call coming in.....

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Actually, The river has been a little low for two weeks the water had been dropping.

I called Ray at Bunnie's Bait Shop in Dixon this morning (he is across the street from the river) and.he said that "we should be just about perfect, with low water starting to come up this week the bite has turned on and the river is at normal levels."

I am on the Fox which is in the same zone as far as rain, and even with all the rain we are still low average....but the bite has been improving.

I have a feeling the Stewards will get a work out......Corey, would you consider helping out if you don't want to fish...lol.

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I would like to give a thanks to Paul at Wacker Baits for Donating a bunch of nice prizes for the raffle at the award ceramony.

And to the Folks at Plano for helping with some values on some raffles.

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JUST CHECKED WEATHER UPDATES, ESTIMATED TEMPS HAVE BEEN DROPPING ALL WEEK LOOKS LIKE HIGH OF 84 SATURDAY AND 88 ON SUNDAY, 70 ' AT NIGHT. I would come prepared for some sun and maybe some heat. Looks like a few sprinkles Sat. Night. But both days appear to looking pretty good accept for a little humidity.

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Hot then rainy then hot again. Today was the toughest fishing conditions I have seen the 5 years I have run the event and even with a slower bite with more big fish the folks did not seemed detered to come out and give it a shot. heck we even had people signing up during the Lightning and Thunder Storm that came in for a couple hours....and the rest waiting it out in their cars and under the bridges till the rain stopped and the bite started.

So far 79 people have entered;

14 in the Advanced tournament

10 Boys

14 Girls

41 Adults

We have had the largest frist day number of 10#+ carp, and usually seea good sign up on Sunday the anglers who fish only one day, so If you think you can make it.....come on out.

Biggest carp so Far os 11 - 8

Advanced Division Big Three Leaders are:

Paul Scott 34 - 1

Cory Bohmann 26 - 1

Jim Rink 25 - 4

Adult Leader :

Charlie Thomas 11 - 2

Girls Leader:

Jenna Hale 9 - 7

Boys Leader:

Sawyer Marceau 6 - 8

More to Come tomarrow!!!!

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Another year and what a Wild and Exciting finish to the 2014 DIXON CARP DERBY.

Despite the Threat of ThunderStorms, Floods and Heat Warnings, 82 Anglers made it out to try their luck and skills against the beautiful yet challenging Rock River in DownTown Dixon, and hundreds others stopped by to watch.

After Sundays Storms and Heat, Sunday morning seemed like a vacation.......but it would be short lived as the heat and the competition would hit new highs by mid-day. And what would seem to be solid leads would creep away little by little with a suprise ending that would top the suprise of the Venician Night Floats and the Best Fire Works Grand Finale I have ever seen on Saturday Night.....Ya Should a been there!!!!

Boys Winners:

"Cory Bohmann Jr. two year rein as champion would fall, but not by much.Congrats to all!"

1st. Austin Jones 7-14 (Chadwick)
2nd, Cory Bohmann 6-14 (Marsallis)
3rd. Sawyer Marceau 6-8 (Forrreston)
4th. Zak Clevenger 6-2 (Dixon)
5th. Karsen DiFiore 5-15 (Burlington, Wi.)

Girls Winners:

"Jenna and August would catch more big fish than most of the pro's and would fight back and forth right till the end when the South Side of the Dam produced a Whopper."

1st. Jenna Hale 11-4 (Chadwick)
2nd. August Jones 9-6 (Chadwick)
3rd. Brianna Czenk 8-14 (Aurora)
4th. Hope Garza 7-7 (Sterling)
5th. Ellie Meyers 6-15 (Dixon)

Adult Winners:

"First time can be a charm, especially if luck is on Your side.......and your bait is working."

1st. Dijon Ilic 11-6 (Countryside)
2nd. Charlie Thomas 11-2 (Dixon)
3rd. Terry Runyon 10-8 (Aurora)
4th. Beau Schneider 10-4 (Cary)
5th. Brendeb Griffon 9-14 (Chicago)
6th. Larry Coggins 9-13 (Dixon)
7th. James Reynolds 9-9 (Sterling)
8th. Eddy Cobb 9-7 (Chicago)
9th. James Sappington 9-3 (East Moline)
10th. John Arnould 8-14 (Dixon)
11th. Donny Bailey 8-11 (Burlington, Wi.)
12th. Jerry Barth 8-11 (Dixon)
13th. Dragoslav Ilic 8-9 (Countryside)
14th. Mike Kresenek 8-6 (Dixon)
15th. Jeff Williams 8-2 (Dixon)
16th. Chris Sotelo 7-11 (Dixon)
17th. Kristen Czenk 7-5 (Aurora)
18th. Amador Garza 7-2 (Sterling)
19th. Debra Higgins 6-15 (Dixon)
20th. Charlie Chesneck 5-11 (Dixon)

Advanced Division Winners:

"The Advanced Angler Division was new this year. And with many of the most proven anglers in the region the competitive level was set pretty high early by Paul Scott with a commanding lead and three fish over 11 pounds he seemed a lock to take both Advanced Angler and Grand Champion.................but those late fish can change everything!!!!"

1st. Paul Scott 34-1 (Carlinville)
2nd. Frank Rink 26-4 (Bolingbrook)
3rd. Cory Bohmann 26-1 (Marsallis)

And this Year's GRAND CHAMPION WINNER of the Champions trophy and $500.00
with 12 pound 1 ounce carp.......

DAN HALE of Monroe Center, Illinois

Special thanks to T.C, Roy Kramer, Frank Rink, Fred Rhodes, Jerry , Paul Pazella, Robert Kraft and The Wells Family for their generous donations and Time to help make this event a possibility.

And of course thanks to the City of Dixon and Mayor Burke, All of the Fine Folks with Dixon Tourism, The Dixon Parks Department and Deb Carrey, and to all those who make it out to watch and to fish Dixon.........

Thanks again, and see you Next Year!!!,

Larry Kirchner


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sucks that i had to miss it! hope everyone had fun

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