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2015 CCC Host Sites

(NY) AF Bob

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The CAG BOD is currently looking for new host sites for the CCC. Anyone that wishes to host this prestigious event should submit a letter of intent to me. I would like to have all letters NLT Feb 13, 2015


1: A proven water to catch carp from

2: Names and contact info for all event hosts

3: Minimum bank space to host 40-50 anglers

4: Near by Lodging

5: A host meet and greet establishment within 5 miles of the event

6: A host meeting room for CAG Business within 5 miles of the event and must serve/provide dinner

7: T-Shirts for the event

8: Camp grounds near the event (helpful)

CAG will pay for the dinner, insurance and toilets if needed. We will also provide the Trophy and Belt Buckle. All letters will be posted in Public Announcements Area. The BOD will review all host site letters and select a host for 2015. Selection will be on Feb 18, 2015


AF Bob

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Site 1

Letter of intent to host the 2015 CCC. Myself, Chad Bettisch, and Brad Gant are offering to host this years CCC. We have chosen Lake Storey in Galesburg Illinois. This lake has 5.8 miles of shoreline and 133 surface acres of water. There is a campground on the lake with 157 campsites. The lake is 1 mile out of Galesburg where there is great shopping and hotels. By being the organizers we will get deals on hotel rooms, reserve a banquet location, welcoming party location, and a venue for fishing on Friday before the CCC. We will locate and mark all swims for the event. At our fish-in last fall the big carp of the event was 41 pounds. This lake has good numbers of large carp.

Thank You

Bill Hodge Illinois Chairman

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Please start making plans to attend the 2015 CCC. We have chosen Lake Storey in Galesburg Illinois. This looks like a great venue and the town is very excited to have CAG hosting an event there. Thanks to our hosts Bill Hodge, Chad Bettisch, and Brad Gant. I look forward to attending this event. :yes:

AF Bob

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Better watch out guys... One of my home waters and I'll be attending. I've been neck deep in the water before (literally, there's pictures somewhere) and coming for a multiple 40's at the classic this year.

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OK thanks.

Pretty far for me (did a Google Earth search), but also as a volunteer for Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) in managing the wetlands near where I live, I am responsible for the contingency hunts (2 weekends) organised on the site at that time.

Missing a great venue for sure.

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