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  1. New mirror PB

  2. Quiet Day

    Looking forward to your reports from the water and from the garage
  3. December in New England

    Those are some very pretty fish!
  4. A beautiful new England day for carping

    Very nice! Congratulations. Not usual to get back-to-back 60-degree days in December.
  5. Connecticut carp tournament

    No Facebook for me.
  6. Connecticut carp tournament

    Any pictures would be great. If anyone has some, please post.
  7. OKUMA Silvara 65 Baitfeeder Reels x3

    I'd prefer to avoid multiple trips to the post office, so I'll drop the price to $140 for the whole set shipped and include a set of 3 hangers and some other freebies in the box.
  8. NH new guy checking in with PB

    Great designs! I want a shirt!
  9. I believe these were made for the European market. Set of 3, brand new in box. See pictures. Perfect for the beginner angler. $50/ea. Shipping included.
  10. Shimano Big Baitrunner Ci4+ XTR-A Long cast Reel

    That's the BEST baitrunner ever made!
  11. Connecticut carp tournament

    A great tournament indeed! Excellent representation for the sport. Top notch anglers and a VERY top notch organizer. What could possibly be better?
  12. NH new guy checking in with PB

    Awesome stuff neighbor! Great results and please keep the pictures coming. Holler if you need any help/advice. -Marius
  13. Daiwa Windcast BR 5500 LDA Reels (x2)

    Price is $325 shipped for both reels. Thank you.
  14. Looking to Buy: Daiwa baitrunner conversions (3)

    Hey Rob, I happen to have one baitrunner conversion knob/kit. Appears to be brand new in original box. I can post a picture later if interested. -Marius