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  1. Nice! Well done.
  2. Always a great time, looking forward to it!
  3. To be honest, you are probably asking around $300 too much for these. Good luck though, they are great reels.
  4. We had another great event this past weekend up on Lake Erie. We had 8 anglers fish all or part of the weekend braving some pretty brutal weather on Saturday. Every angler in attendance managed to put fish on the bank and we had some surprise Smallmouth Buffalo show up too. Scott also managed to recapture the same Mirror that Vince caught 3 weeks earlier, what are the odds in a lake the size of Erie??? Most of the fish were on the small side but some nice upper doubles were caught too. We also had a local woman who we had met up there a few weeks ago remember that we were planning on returning and bought us donuts and cookies. This is such a nice venue with plenty of room and good access. I certainly hope we manage to return again in the future and hopefully get into some bigger fish. In attendance we had Myself, Craig Welch Vince Shiflet Michael Alloway Timothy Miller Scott Erlenwein Dave Mcmanus Shawn Stump Alyssa A'Laura Anne Kovalcheck
  5. Agreed Vince, the potential of this area is crazy and like you say, plenty of access for large groups. Lake Erie events are typically well attended, I don't see any reason why this couldn't be a regular on the Ohio calendar.
  6. Next up in the Ohio fish-in schedule on September 17-18 is Lake Erie, specifically Shoreline Park and surrounding areas. I have wanted to get a group of anglers here for a couple of years now. We all know the potential of Lake Erie and having spent a little time up there it’s apparent that you need to have a good few guys fishing it to unlock some of its secrets. This event will run from 7am Saturday morning to 5pm on the Sunday. One of my favorite places to fish up there is Shoreline Park in downtown Sandusky. It’s a pier that goes out into Sandusky bay and there is plenty of room to get 8 anglers on there. I first fished it a couple of years ago for CAG’s discovery month and did very well having good numbers of fish including several upper doubles and 3 twenties up to 26lb. I have been back a few times since and had continued success. I would be very surprised if several 20’s weren’t caught or even a 30+ during this weekend. Of course we all know what happened in the spring at East Harbor! There have been fish to 55+ shot with a bow from Sandusky bay. The good part about this particular venue is its less dependent on the weather conditions being perfect and it is also somewhat sheltered from the big winds that can affect main lake spots. If we get a lot of anglers show up then back leads might be a good idea or a little patience when playing fish. I have also identified an overflow spot in case we have good numbers show up. This is a break wall that is behind the police station less than half a mile from Shoreline park. I have not fished this spot but have scouted it. It is a little bit more of a hike from the parking area but it’s a nice flat concrete wall with a few trees. Pack light or use a barrow/cart for this spot. The water is about 2 feet below the wall so I recommend bringing something to kneel on to land fish if you are on your own. It’s not bad, very manageable compared to some break walls I’ve seen in the past. I recommend heading towards the end of the wall as you get boats come in and out of the dock along the first part of the wall. This won’t be a problem at night but could cause issues during the day though if you use back leads you should be fine. There are restrooms and/or porta johns nearby at both locations. Directions. From the south, join Route 4 north and carry on all the way into downtown Sandusky. Turn right onto RT6 (Washington ST) Take 2nd Left onto Franklin ST. Continue straight crossing 3 intersections, the entrance is on the corner of shoreline road. There is a small roundabout at the end of the pier where you can pull into the side, drop your gear off and then find a parking spot. Don’t park in the way of traffic as cars travel up and down the pier all day. If traveling from other parts of the state find the best way to intersect with RT4 North. This is a 2 day event. I am planning on fishing through the night as long as weather allows and I’m not on my own. If you don’t wish to fish through the night and need camping. East Harbor Campground is only 15 miles away. I have used the campground at similar times of the year and it has been very quiet with plenty of walk-in spots available. Here are my directions to the campground. Here is a view of the fishing area. Shoreline park is marked in red on the left of the picture, the break wall is on the right. Parking areas marked yellow and the route from Shoreline park to the break wall marked in blue. Shoreline Park The Break wall behind the police station. Normal park rules apply, No open fires, alcohol, tents etc. Umbrellas are ok in the event of rain or wind. I strongly advise fishing close in. These fish follow the structure and most of my success has been with underarm casts. CAG members are eligible to fish for the end of season medals. Current rankings are:- Gold- Shawn Stump – 40lb 6oz – East Harbor Silver- Vince Shiflet – 23lb 15oz – East Harbor Bronze- Vince Shiflet – 23lb 12oz – East Harbor Again, if these fish are going to be beaten this year then this venue is the place that’s going to do it. Any questions about the event feel free to message me. Some fish caught from Shoreline Park.
  7. Picture of one of the mirrors courtesy of wahlrye.
  8. Generally speaking mirrors are rare in Ohio. There are however certain lakes and rivers that have good few of them. You have done well to catch so many recently, very well done!
  9. Wow thanks Colin, to be honest from what I can tell most of us are not fussy and would be happy with anything. I wouldn't go crazy though, right now there are only about 4 or 5 confirmed to attend with some others that said they possibly can make it, so no idea on the final number. I will be arriving at first light to greet everyone and fish till around 11am...unfortunately I have a funeral service to attend in the afternoon. I have messaged a few folks that are coming to get their input and to let them know you are coming along.
  10. Awesome Colin, always great to see new members. Look forward to meeting you!
  11. Hi everyone. Next up in our schedule is a 1 day event at Griggs Reservoir. We have had the occasional event here in the past with pretty good success. This is the first one back here since around 2010. The event will run from sunrise to sunset. For those that don't know Griggs is a dammed part of the Scioto River and is less affected by the normal river concerns such as rainfall etc. The fishing here can be excellent if you are on fish but can also be frustrating. These fish move around so much and they can be hard to keep in one spot for any length of time. BUT, there are some hogs to be had. There have been fish to over 40lb caught in recent history as well as a few 30's and lots of 20's. There really is a lot of natural food here that keeps the average size above normal for central Ohio. Now for the bad news. This venue is very highly used for recreation. In the morning you have the rowing crews, that often come in close to the bank. I highly recommend keeping rod tips low. you also have bass boats and later on in the day the wave runners come out. there are also plenty of walkers runners and dogs so be prepared. That being said, it doesn't seem to affect the carp at all. They see this every day and are used to it so don't let it worry you, it's mostly in your head.lol It's really easy to find. Take the Fishinger Road/Upper Arlington exit off 270 and follow it east until you cross the river. The fishing area is marked in red. The overflow areas if needed are marked in yellow and the entrances are circled. The preferred entrance is the one south of Fishinger. I have included just a sample of some of the fish caught from there. This is open to all. CAG members and non members. Hope to see you there.
  12. I echo everything said above. Great contest, a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone involved and congrats to all the winners.
  13. Nice 27lb'er from today has bumped my score up a little 🙂
  14. Ohio has a Fish In scheduled for West Branch State Park, Jun 10-12th. http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/Portals/parks/PDFs/parks/Maps/West_Branch/westbranchparkmap.pdf Exact location is at the east end of the lake where Gilbert Rd runs right into a large parking lot. Camping is available in the park, however, it's not within walking distance to the fishing area and there is no camping allowed on the bank: open faced shelters are allowed. A restroom is available in the area as well as a covered picnic area. Hotels and restaurants are available within close driving distance to the venue. This location has been a Fish In location several times and accounted for a lot of carp. Mostly mid to upper doubles with some low 20's mixed in. Action can come thick and fast at times with double runs common. Both CAG members and non members are welcome to attend.
  15. Nice 22lb common from a quick after work trip, very pleased with this one.