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  1. I am also having issues. If you wouldn’t mind adding my pics, I’d appreciate it. in this order, 25lb 24lb 8oz 19lb 8oz
  2. Looks like an amazing weekend with some good size fish, well done all. So gutted to have missed it!
  3. Another great social, lots of food, fun and fishing talk. So many raffle prizes, we are gonna need a bigger table next year. See you all on the bank!
  4. Did you get your questions answered, via PM or otherwise?
  5. Congrats to all who entered. It was a fun event as always, lots of stunning fish caught!
  6. Gave my score a nice little bump this past week 😀 I think something may have gone wrong with the picture upload to the leaderboard (maybe file size?) so I'm posting here too.
  7. Same issues for me on every device I own and desktop I use
  8. This is my biggest from this weekend's CAG Ohio fish in. 21.10
  9. Can't say enough good things about this event. Friendly competition between states. Great team camaraderie with anglers of all skill levels. It's a fantastic venue with great fishing and the chance of a real lump! Highly encourage anyone to sign up.
  10. Always a great time, looking forward to it!
  11. We had another great event this past weekend up on Lake Erie. We had 8 anglers fish all or part of the weekend braving some pretty brutal weather on Saturday. Every angler in attendance managed to put fish on the bank and we had some surprise Smallmouth Buffalo show up too. Scott also managed to recapture the same Mirror that Vince caught 3 weeks earlier, what are the odds in a lake the size of Erie??? Most of the fish were on the small side but some nice upper doubles were caught too. We also had a local woman who we had met up there a few weeks ago remember that we were planning on returning
  12. Agreed Vince, the potential of this area is crazy and like you say, plenty of access for large groups. Lake Erie events are typically well attended, I don't see any reason why this couldn't be a regular on the Ohio calendar.
  13. Next up in the Ohio fish-in schedule on September 17-18 is Lake Erie, specifically Shoreline Park and surrounding areas. I have wanted to get a group of anglers here for a couple of years now. We all know the potential of Lake Erie and having spent a little time up there it’s apparent that you need to have a good few guys fishing it to unlock some of its secrets. This event will run from 7am Saturday morning to 5pm on the Sunday. One of my favorite places to fish up there is Shoreline Park in downtown Sandusky. It’s a pier that goes out into Sandusky bay and there is
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