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  1. Damn Yankee

    WTB small shimano baitrunner

    I have SHIMANO ST2500FA, Vintage 150, 250 and 300 (2X, not in picture, with fast cast removed). Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  2. Damn Yankee

    CT CAG Fall Fish-In Sat Nov 11th 2017

    Iain: Add my name to the list. Fran (DamnYankee)
  3. Damn Yankee

    damn yankee

    Saturday is FREE FISHING day in New York. No fishing license is required for Saturday.
  4. Damn Yankee

    CCC lodging - sharing an apartment

    Jerome: I'll take it. Give me a shout 413-244-6447 and we can finalize. Fran
  5. Damn Yankee


  6. Damn Yankee


    For the carper who must have a proper carp chair but doesn't have lots of coins. Fully adjustable back and legs. Quite stained and faded with a few holes in the fabric. (8" x 10" piece of fabric for repair is included) $8. Pick up in Westfield, MA
  7. Daiwa Amorphous Carp Rod. 12ft, 2 3/4# TC. A nice players rod. $60 Westfield, MA
  8. Damn Yankee

    2015 Can-Am Carp Challenge

    Bob: I just realized wife and I have family obligations September 5th and 6th. Have to take my name off the list. Fran Slasinski
  9. Damn Yankee

    Ed's Fish-In Flea Market

    PVA string, baiting needles at least 12, forceps, stops, spring feeder leads, equinox hook baits, hook link briefcases, gardner Spin Doctors, some items will be in the $1 price range. I also failed to list a Samsung MV800 camera which has a flip up screen which is great for selfies, $60 (includes a optional 4gb mini SD card).
  10. Damn Yankee

    Ed's Fish-In Flea Market

    Sorry, I failed to say that all of the above items are for sale by Damn Yankee (Fran S) and any info is available thru me frs578@gmail.com
  11. Damn Yankee

    Ed's Fish-In Flea Market

    Everything for testing & sale @ Ed's Dutchman's Landing fish-in. Nash Dwarf Rod 10' 3.5# $70, Daiwa Amorphous 2.75# $60, Nick Buss Century X-Lite / X-Heavy ( 1 needs a guide)$80, $70, Shimano Exage 6 piece 3# $70, Nash Deliverance Cybershot $40, Nash big folding weigh sling $20, Daiwa pod ( sale pending ), Banksticks $4ea, various Catapults $8⬇︎, castable fish finder from over there $20, Shimano Bullseye reel (Ultegra from Japan) $120, El-Cheepo alarms $20 the pair, Pacific-Bay light striper / carp rods 10.5' (2x), 10' (1x) ($35ea $90 the lot), small stuff .50 each.
  12. Damn Yankee


    CC Moore Equinox Bait: Pellets 2.3 kilos, Boilies 18mm 2 kilos, Pop-Ups 18mm (2x, 1 or 2 missing) 15mm (1x, 1 or 2 missing), 15mm hard hook bait (1x), Glugged hook baits (1.8x), Dip (2.75x), Additive (.75x). MSRP: pellets $8.95/k, boilies $16.95/k, pop-ups $9.95/tub, hard bait $11.95/tub, glugged $11.95/tub, dip $13.95/bottle, additive $18.95/bottle. Total MSRP ≈ $160 (and many are out of stock) $110 + Shipping Paypal or cash only.
  13. Damn Yankee


    Possibly in my next lifetime, and if they get them down to a reasonable size where I don't need a barrow to haul them around and an hour to set up all the fiddley parts. Also I have been trying another make for about 8 years and they seem to be decent.
  14. Damn Yankee


    The Delkims are sold.