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  1. Damn Yankee

    damn yankee

    Saturday is FREE FISHING day in New York. No fishing license is required for Saturday.
  2. Jerome: I'll take it. Give me a shout 413-244-6447 and we can finalize. Fran
  3. Bob: I just realized wife and I have family obligations September 5th and 6th. Have to take my name off the list. Fran Slasinski
  4. Bob: The new site looks great. Nice graphics and everything we need to know is there. See you soon: Fran
  5. Please add Francis Slasinski to team USA.
  6. Bob: Fran here from Massachusetts. I'm still going to be there for whatever and wherever carp fishing takes place. I'll take you up on the camping @ your place. I'll be arriving late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Must see all the old friends while I'm still vertical.
  7. My Tuesday order Fedex says "Saturday Delivery" but that never happens. Saturday they are leaving early and we'll see you next Tuesday.
  8. Tom: I agree that the business end of CAG is not very "Senior Friendly" along with the Forum being "Very Redundant" as in lots of old stuff as in "CLUTTER". You need to have "inner wisdom" to know where to find topics and information. It's like letting someone who wrote a program write the instruction manual. Not good. The best advise to renew membership is to wait until it expires and take heed to the e-mail saying you're expired and follow the bread trail to renew.
  9. Air Force Bob talked me into it. Add my name to the USA roster. DAMN YANKEE (Fran Slasinski)
  10. I just started reading this thread. We're (Jerome and I) from Massachusetts and a bit slow on the take. I'll take one of each if their still available. Payment within a few minutes. Fran
  11. Nice recent episode of In-Fisherman Ice Fishing of Sportsman's Channel http://www.in-fisherman.com/2011/12/20/ice-fishing-for-carp/
  12. I'll see you all there Friday. I'm scheduled to Marshall??? or Weighmaster. Did the same last time. All you gents from down south should bring a pair of woolies as the weather there can change to real cool. Also on the license issue. New York starts the new year Saturday October 1st. Tom, is it oatmeal pack time? Cheers: Fran
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