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  1. My Tuesday order Fedex says "Saturday Delivery" but that never happens. Saturday they are leaving early and we'll see you next Tuesday.
  2. Tom: I agree that the business end of CAG is not very "Senior Friendly" along with the Forum being "Very Redundant" as in lots of old stuff as in "CLUTTER". You need to have "inner wisdom" to know where to find topics and information. It's like letting someone who wrote a program write the instruction manual. Not good. The best advise to renew membership is to wait until it expires and take heed to the e-mail saying you're expired and follow the bread trail to renew.
  3. I just started reading this thread. We're (Jerome and I) from Massachusetts and a bit slow on the take. I'll take one of each if their still available. Payment within a few minutes. Fran
  4. Marius: It looks like the P&S alarm lacks the sensivity adjustment that the Wacker unit has. Hmmmm. Fran
  5. Fran, Does Specialist have an actual phisical location in NY? Where in upstate are they?? The Riverview motel (and tackle shop) located in Waddington NY is owned and operated by the same Specialist Tackle family.
  6. Len: I'm sure that's true. But most of the guys are just looking for some of the state-of-the-art products that are available in the UK and not the USA. Many of the US carpers buy from Specialist Tackle in the UK and have it shipped here. Others swear by Tackle Box, Leslies, Tackle Shop etc. Others swear at them. Buying from the UK is no different than buying here in the USA. Matter of fact sometimes I think Shimano UK is easier to deal with than Shimano USA. They send parts to the USA but Shimano USA now directs you to a local service center. They don't have the part I need so it's special ordered from Shimano USA and 2 weeks later I have it. Fran
  7. Scott: If you go into Specialist's tackle shop in upstate NY you'd see they have their own rods equiped with Shimano Aero Technium 10000XT reels... Shimano's top reel... £390 rrp.. available from the chop-shops for $460 + tax, tip and gratuities (each)... Fran
  8. It's also available from www.fishusa.com Great people to do business with and their shipping is $4.95 for the entire order. Cheers Fran
  9. Keith: The Royal site looks to be offering a bunch of really low priced goods. Each of the items (rod, reel, alarm, pod are $40-$50 range)... Not yet any quality items that the connoisseurs of fine carp tackle would be interested in. Fran
  10. Common Guys: A few nice nets does not a American Carp Society make... The last news letter said the site would be up and running during July!!! It's now August 6th. Any news from the ACS??????
  11. Geeze guys: I don't want to pop any bubbles but these reel seats (I'm assuming they're make of a 300 series stainless steel) look really good but the material has the same metallurgic quallity as brass. All of the corosion resistant stainless-steels are no better than brass but are silver in color. For $81 I think you are the victims of indulgance. For $81 they should be made of a titanium alloy which is about 1/2 the weight of stainless steel and about 4X the tensile strength. Extreme temperature and corrosian resist. A true space age alloy. Stainless steel is dog $hit. MOO (My Opinion Only) Fran
  12. Scotty me boy: Just did a buy at Specialist Tackle for 2 of the alarms and it works out to $87 each delivered. Royal @ $150 each is a bit out of touch. You should tell your Captain. You failed to read Kev's fine print. The event doesn't start until May 1st. looks like Kev has fallen off the face of the earth. We're still walking on the water here in W-Mass. In reference to Next week-ends event the "GCO" ..... To inform you in case you have a few extra coins, cash only, as It takes a person of Polish origin to learn that all those buyers are bla-bla-bla. I'll be bringing a few items for sale. 12ft 3pc carp rods, $50/one, $90/two, $100 all 3... The last one needs work on 1 guide. Bought to outfit a son-in-law but it was not to be. Hats, $1 to ($5 french team item)($8 CAG official item).... Catapults $1 to $5.. Spare elastic available... Boilie rolling table, February Carpworld $5, etc. See you there: Fran
  13. Wow, I just saw the price. Is this for a pair? I paid just over $100.00 US for a pair a few years back. On the Gardner website they list retail for @57 pound a piece. Seems the Royal price is quite elevated? -Mike/CT The pair I had years ago were very quiet. Too quiet for me. Reminds me now that I sold them to Quid and he hasn't yet paid for them. Fran
  14. Tony: Good Show. The S&H are now down to a more reasonable level. See you in NY for a signature. Damn (Cheap) Yankee
  15. Brian-Tony I talked to my bank today also. I was advised the $35 fee for transfer is universal, that's the fee the bank is charged. Again, as Brian stated, the post savings are far outweighed by the fees charged. Tony; Someone needs to enter the real world and set up a VISA/Mastercharge account. Paypal is the last choice as you stated there's another fee for using it. Damn Cheap Yankee ASHAMED TO SAY I'M FROM MASSACHUSETTS
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