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  1. Fox M+ Bite Alarm.

    If you haven't already, check with BCT, Wacker, and CarpKit... Then JohnsonRoss, TackleDirect, etc. etc...
  2. CAG BIG 4 SPRING 2017

    Congrats! You guys really got on some big fish!
  3. SPRING BIG4 post your pics

    First 10+ carp for a while...:

    Willem I am enrolled but I'm not yet on the leaderboard?? can I get on it via my phone or do I need to connect on computer... thx
  5. Team List

    Great group of carpers!
  6. ATC Rules

    Any bait limitations?
  7. Carp fishing at White Rock Lake Texas

    Hi Charles Most of us are just using the Facebook page more often than not. There are people nearly every weekend fishing there; this past Saturday there were a half-dozen or so of us. Check out the CAG - NTX page on facebook for more.
  8. RTH3 hooks

    I picked up a brick of the RTH3 hooks from Resistance and am wanting to share my good fortune with you! RTH3 , size 6 Packs of 50 for $5.50 shipped. Packs of 100 for $10 shipped.
  9. Is there a secret bait additive for paylakes

    Yes! But that's all you'll get out of me....
  10. Buffalo

    My latest, body-water pb at 23-4 Caught yesterday at White Rock Lake, Dallas Tx
  11. Flavors

    Pickerd, when you say 'only natural stuff' what to you mean? Are you using pack? What kind? Hookbaits? Boilies? Maize? you can pm me if you like, or not; it's your bait! ;-) I will add that I've caught more numbers on plain sweetcorn than anything else...
  12. Tradinghouse Creek Reservoir Fish In.

    I'm in, Joe! Is there any camping there?
  13. Nash Topliner Dropoff Inline Leads

    Can these be used in a way where they won't drop off?
  14. Delkim Smart Clips wanted

    Bill, is that 3 sets of 3 clips, or 3 sets of 1 clip? I'm looking for one clip... Thanks
  15. Flavors

    Cinnamon, scopex, and cayenne