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  1. Dunkel

    Coated braid and long shank hooks!?!?!?

    I use Jackal and it works well for me.
  2. Dunkel

    WTB: shelters and chairs

    You might want to check out a Sportbrella XL. You can get them for around $55 on Ebay. I've had one for years and they are very handy & versatile.
  3. Dunkel

    Carp Probability Calculator

    If you keep records or a log of what days you fished and several weather conditions, water temp., what bait you used, on what body of water, that's as good a start as any. I do not keep accurate records, but my ol' buddy Possum does. We fished the same 2 days, 2 years running I knew the date and he had all the other details. We had very similar results on our Spring get together, but vastly different results on our Fall trip. The only major differences in the Fall was water and air temp. were both warmer.
  4. Dunkel

    NGT Big Pit reels

    Are these still available and what model # are they?
  5. Dunkel

    Possum & Dunkel Fall Fantastic

    It was a great time as always. Just a slight correction One was caught on Green Apple Butternut flavored maize and the Apple Whiskey corn was actually Cinnamon Whiskey corn. Always good to share some bank time with a good friend like Possum!
  6. Dunkel

    Possums Single

    Effort = results! Nice fish and a great swim.
  7. Dunkel

    Dunkel, Possum and Jerome Carping WV

    Here's 2 pics I took.
  8. Dunkel

    Dunkel & Possum Marijuana Day Carping

    I made some Peanut Butter pellets that aren't boilies and a top secret Peanut Butter glug that's very thick. It was another great day on the water with Possum. We seem to bring out the best & worst in each other. 2nd time he witnessed my PB being caught and he also witnessed my first mirror. I witnessed his PB for that river and his first mirror at that swim.
  9. Dunkel

    Dunkel, Possum and Jerome Carping WV

    Jerome may beg to differ. Anyone who throws a man's Maize in the lake that he had picked out for his hair rig isn't much of a comrade mate! LOL It was a great time indeed. I will add some pictures I took tomorrow.
  10. Dunkel

    Is the pseudo carpers mask slipping?

    Years ago a friend of mine & me were fishing for "whatever would bite" which on that day was long eared sunfish and fallfish on my favorite local river. He was armed with a 5' Ultralight spinning rod & reel & 6lb test mono. I was armed with a 6'6" Microlite (either South bend or Eagle Claw) rod and a ultralight spinning reel with 6lb test mono. We were doing quite well catching sunfish and fallfish when a decent sized school of carp swam by and staged on a sandbar to feed. I told my buddy "Man I wish I had my carp rods (back then 6'6" uglystick medium spinning combos no BR's back then) with me." Then I decided eh why not and put on half a nightcrawler and threw out to the sandbar. In about 10 minutes i got a take and in about 10 minutes more I caught an 8lb carp. It was one of the better freshwater battles I had ever had. Ever year since I have considered trying for carp with ultralight tackle but as Tony said with my luck I'd hook a monster and lose it.
  11. Dunkel

    Are Boilies Overrated

    Yes. I have never caught a carp on a boilie homemade or store bought. Not 1 ever. I've used K1, Dynamite & royal carp boilies. I have caught 3 fish on boilies 2 catfish & a sucker. I have caught hundreds of carp in my life. Sweet corn, flavored sweet corn, doughballs of nearly every recipe imaginable, chickpeas, range cubes, nightcrawlers etc etc have all caught carp when I used them. Do boilies work for carp? If you have a truck load to throw in a lake/river over time, sure. Throwing in a few handfuls or some chopped up and fishing on top of them even after a few days, not in my experience.
  12. Dunkel

    How Do You Romove a Snagged Carp?

    I agree with this. You could also hold pressure on the fish and bang your fist or palm against the butt of the pole to send vibration down the line.
  13. Dunkel

    River vs lake/pond

    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about, but the only difference I make is to use a lighter weight/lead. If you don't need to cast a long distance you don't necessarily need a heavy weight/lead as there is little to no current in most lakes/ponds. Hope this helps.
  14. Dunkel

    A tablespoon of salt

    margarita party at NMT2F's place!
  15. Dunkel

    A tablespoon of salt

    I use a level measuring TBSP, but I don't think it matters as long as it's close. I use sea salt (non iodized), not sure why salt would need to be kosher for packbait? LOL