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  1. An Amazing Summer of Fishing Lake MI.

    Nice Haulin' Fellas!
  2. Very informative Brian! I never thought of keeping a set of boots next to the pod...great idea!
  3. Short Fall Session!

    Great showing there Brendan! Very nice photos as well.
  4. targeting grass carp

    Hey nmt2f...have you tried freelining? The grassers here in the Northeast are just starting to wake-up (low/mid-40 water temps)...so you have to be quick on the strikes. Picked-up a few recently stalking / free-lining bread...6# mono, fluoro-leader & a size-1 gammy (similar to Santosh's suggestion a few posts back). Some days they go for the surface crust...others it's the bottom baits.
  5. Well Done Dave Pickering & OTW!

    Way to represent Dave! Nicely Done!!
  6. New Member/ Hooch and carp

    Welcome Tony! That sounds like a pretty good year in Ga!
  7. Sick video Brian! What's amazing is that after all of that handling, that fish was immediately back in woof-it-down mode! Recapture (or repeat offender!) in the making!
  8. Great Session Today Near Lake Erie

    Great session Brian!
  9. An ongoing Debate

    You gents couldnt have picked a more perfect day for the ultimate show-down! I would've insisted the best 2-out-of-3 Horace!
  10. Fish On!

    Congratulations!!! Heck of a fish...Heck of a smile!
  11. Need some basic pointers.

    His mamma is swimming out there somewhere jangel! It sounds like your venue qualifies for cddm! You should consider participating!
  12. Caught my first carp today

    Congratulations! Welcome to the club....(aka carp addict support group) They're some respectable fish... You learn fast! you have a great mentor!
  13. Another 30+

    Man On Fire Right There!!!! Great Stuff!
  14. New (long hiatus) member: NJ Rob, NY Rob ....

    Welcome Back Rob! Congratulations on the little Girl and relieved to hear that your're in good health! Welcome to CAG Colin Peters 576 :-) Unfortunately I cant make it to dutchman's this time around...trying to dump our house and start the next chapter of our lives!
  15. River Carping

    Ouch (!) on the lost river tanker!! For you to say it was big...it must have been BIG! Some beauties still made it to the mat!