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  1. Daniel

    vroom vroooooooom

    Dave is stupid, don't mind him. Dave I just don't fish with dumb f***s like you any more
  2. Here fishy fishy fishy
  3. Great reels.
  4. Fantastic show guys keep it up
  5. Daniel

    The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

    :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana:
  6. Due to my job been reschedule i will not missed. See you guys tomorrow.
  7. Andy since last time we spoke on the phone I was like 80% sure I was not coming. Now since my job got reschedule it's more of 99.99% I won't be available to make it.
  8. Daniel

    new cag record

    Next time I am fishing this lake I will use grapefruit size boilies Look at that sling banding.
  9. Daniel

    new cag record

    Thanks guys
  10. Daniel

    Carp of the Month January 2015 $100 BCT Voucher

    One of few fish we cought 2 weeks ago. Snow a carp the shape of that fish was unique.
  11. Daniel


    I have use this one for many year with out any problem https://www.resistancetackle.com/catalog.php?mode=publicviewitemdetail&ref=5947
  12. Daniel

    The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

    What are you referring to?
  13. Daniel

    Margin fishing on large waters

    Miss you to Dave can wait to see you at the WoodenShoe
  14. Daniel

    The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

    Yes Paul thats what they call me here in Michigan
  15. Daniel

    The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

    I dont think so, I dont need any of his bad mojo on me