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  1. You want it you got it Up for bid 10lb of Tiger nuts. Bid starts at 15$ you can beat that offer by no less than $1. Buyer pay shipping. Item ships US only. The bidding runs until Friday, January 31st and ends at 8pm ET.
  2. I also couldn't pass on that deal. And spend my whole week paycheck
  3. Yes drudaddy that means you are on Santa's naughty list .
  4. Friend of my used it only at Resistance Tackle. His card got hit last week.
  5. Jim rocks love to deal with him I think I got the name right.
  6. I never order from them but I got link to other place located in Germany that ships to USA Carpfishing.de but I don't think anyone can beat www.johnsonrosstackle.co.uk
  7. Daniel


    Yes its working slow for me as well I was thinking maybe it was my connection but other websites work just fine
  8. Yep i have deal with him in the past, and as well yesterday great guy to deal with.
  9. Top notch he have never let me down Thx Paul
  10. It really was missing the tail, ther was this kid fishing with us evry time he was going to reel in his rod he was like oooo i keep geting hits ther must be something big playing with it after over 1h he decide to reel in and ther she was fish with out tail that was on his rod for over 1h
  11. Guys dont be fool and get your self those Sweet Fire i have seen that i action this thing will pull carp from ponds lakes river that dont even have carp in it Andy it looks like lots of work
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