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  1. Richsworth & Fox Feeders!!

    Carl if still available, I'll take them.
  2. I posted on your thread , I want the Fox rod , if your still interested in selling contact me at hollarmatt@gmail.com

  3. Fox Rod & Shimano Reel

    Is this the newer 9' Fox Stalker 2.75tc , full cork handle? I tried to send you a message on the board but wouldn't let me , contact me at Hollarmatt@gmail.com
  4. Fox Premiere Bedchair

    Thanks , my email is hollarmatt@gmail.com If you find one , I'll give you my address so you can find out shipping.
  5. Fox Premiere Bedchair

    I will take them if you can ship ?

    I have two EOS alarms purchased , thanks Ed. I have also purchased two Fox Trekker rods coming over from the UK. Would still be interested in a set of Fox EOSR alarms with receiver if anyone has a set to sell ?

    Message sent

    I'm looking for a few items. Fox EOS or EOSR bite slarms. Fox MX or MMX bite alarms. Fox Trek compact travel rods. If you have any of these and are willing to sell please contact me hollarmatt@gmail.com
  9. I figured you and Rob will be there. ..I could tell by the forecast. ...geez!
  10. By the way...Craig , what are the 3 big carp so far caught at a fish in this year...just need to know what I need to beat to get one of those awesome medals !
  11. Who's all going ??? Looks like most are waiting to see what this hurricane does....I too am keeping as close eye on the forecast (NO Vince. Do NOT say anyyhing...it changes daily...dont jinx it...lol)
  12. WTB Amiaud Peche rod pod

    I'm looking to see if there any any still floating around the USA. I had a Carpo that I sadly sold to a carper in NY many years back.....I'm hoping there is some one out there willing to part with their's ?
  13. Fox MX+ and Illuminated Core lite hangers.

    Mark , these still for sale ?
  14. KORUM RIVER TRIPOD - Double Rod Pod

    Message sent
  15. 3x Daiwa Basiairs 45QDX Reels

    Oh boy......those have been on my want list since they came out !!!!