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  1. I have been doing business with Simon for years for a very good reason. Professional and honest, not to mention a great selection of everything carpy!
  2. I have to agree with Joe Kalina on Simon being very responsive to any inquiry I have had in the past. I've had nothing but good experiences with him with an exception of one small hiccup, which was made right straight away. I hope your issue is resolved, I've gotten the run around before from a UK company and it's not fun to deal with. Hang in there!
  3. Looks like a good time was had by all. Well done everyone!
  4. I concur on Simon being top notch. He's always taken good care of my fishing needs.
  5. The magazine is great and I'm sure everyone can attest to that, The content is well rounded and it does look to be improving with every issue. I am not denouncing that for a second and everyone involved is doing a fantastic job. My "simple" question was answered by you stating " The simple fact of the matter is that the two cover shots were the best shots available to me and ones I thought would give the magazine the most exposure". So in essence, the USA anglers need to step up there photography skills to have a shot at displaying an "American" fish? Does the pic have to be a recent fish? I'm sure with the thousands of anglers over the years there are plenty of nice pics of fish or something "carpy" that is worthy of American representation from the CAG archives? I don't think I slammed anything whatsoever. I questioned the cover, that was it. Please don't blow out of context. I appreciate your response. Thank you
  6. Many of you do not personally know me, but I just wanted to throw a thought out there about the NACA magazine. First I want to state, this is by no means a "slam" of sorts, but was more curious than anything about a particular issue. The last two covers were of "non-USA" based anglers on the covers of our beloved magazine. I have the up most respect for both of them as anglers and have learned a lot from them, but am I the only one that feels the "North American" magazine should at least have an "American" fish on the cover? Our country is obviously still in its carping infancy stage, but isn't this the place to show what our country has as far as specimen carp go, especially on the cover? Is this slightly hypocritical to have a UK angler with a UK fish on the cover? I'm not trying to stir any pots and get people all crazy, just asking some simple questions. I appreciate any respectful responses to my inquiries.
  7. I concur with everyone else's kind words. From me, Thank you very much for your dedication and service to the club. C.A.G. would not be where it is today without your professionalism and diligence. Tight lines wherever you may fish. "TBS" back from the dead?
  8. I had three custom rods built from Vic Gibson through Johnson Ross tackle this spring and I will add to their shipping and professionalism was as good as you can get. From their shop to my front door in 18hrs. Insane. Anthony knew I needed them in time for my fishing trip and made it happen. I did receive a bill from fedex though due to the amount I spent. Worth every penny!
  9. Andy and Dennis do a great job. I received an order recently and of course a free baiting tool was in there. They're definitely very professional about their business! Well done gents.
  10. Mine arrived yesterday in 60505. It was nice seeing a picture I submitted in there. Thank you!
  11. This will be interesting considering I use 99% of Uk baits. I'm sure many more are in the same boat!
  12. Tribal I agree with you about the bloodworm. I hammered cats on it and ended up selling all of it off. Their wafters on the other hand are great. I have every flavor they carry and all produce fish, especially the pineapple n butyric and the peach and pepper. I don't leave home without them. Best wafters I've ever used, besides bang on baits scopex/squid.
  13. Harrissportsmail carries in limited quantities and ship here fast. They calculate shipping instantly too. No emails back and forth about cost. I've purchased many times from Nailors fishing tackle as well. The p/p wafters are fantastic. Good luck
  14. He's always been top notch in my book as well!
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