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  1. RIP gone but never forgotten from this forum

  2. Steve,

    It seems you now have both my fish from PI on the bank!! Nicely done and congrats, once again, on the new PBs!

  3. let me ask you, who is the king?

  4. Love the personal pic. Who were you giving the "Shocker" to??

  5. Thanks Scott - you bore the brunt of my anger. I rated you a "one star". I feel much better now.......

  6. Hey! Keep your eyes off my black and blue koi! I saw it first!!!

  7. I like my steak alive.

  8. With all the fish this guy caught...how come he isn't president yet?

  9. Lot's of fish, lot's of 30's to high 30's. All held way out and over my head.
  10. Guys, I have been field testing this great new bait. The results are stunning! It comes in "loaves", and is made by several companies, like Sunbeam, Wonder, Stewards, etc. Amazing stuff. Once it becomes public, I will start bulk sales on here. Again, this new bait is the real deal!
  11. Will it also be at Wackerbaits?LOL Cant wait. TX.
  12. Looks like a puppet. Hey, good deals Paul....
  13. Yo Rob, Ill be up your place next weekend (fri-sat-sun nights), lets talk then.. Please PM me details about costs/night for rooms there...TX!
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